Helukable is a company which is originally based in Germany. There are many cable and wire manufacturers in Europe but very few come close to Helukable, because there are a few things different about it which sets it apart from competitors. Basically, it is a manufacturing and suppliers company for wires, cables and accessories. The company is well developed with several milestones from 1978 to 2016 and has successfully established several branches in Europe and America continents. Today, Helukable is globally established, with several sites across the world.                                                                                                                                     

Sales Trend
For a sales company like Helukable, what really matters for its success in the market is its sales trend. A business without consistent sales trend is likely to dissolve. Helukable has an exponential sales trend. From year 2002 to 2016, there has been a general increase in its trade pattern, which is a good indicator for a growing business.

Quality Products
It is always a desire and an obligation for every business to meet the customers need. To accomplish this, a lot has to be done.  Increasing the quality of a product comes with a cost but it is necessary to incur the costs for the sake of good products. Helukable delves in cables for mobile use with high level of vertical integration. Their customers demand for cables which are resistant to chemical, electrical and mechanical stresses. Besides, the cables must exhibit a small bending radii and an outstanding longevity, they have employed the technical staff who ensure they meet and even exceed these demands. This comes with high cost but it has also brought them success in the market chart.

Step to step procedures are involved in order to meet the quality of a product. Amongst these procedures is the testing stage, which is very vital for manufacturing companies like Helukable. All the new products from this company are thoroughly tested at their center for testing located at Windsbach. The testing ensures the products suitability for consumption and its compliance against the standardization bodies. Random samples are taken, measured and checked during the production process.

Products from Helukable
The outlined below are some of the products that you can get from Helukable company:

A range of Industrial cable and wires. Helukable provides cables such as control cables, data and computer cables, motor, feedback, drag and servo cables. Besides, they also deal in all-weather and rubber cables and many other internationally standardized cables. These cables are manufactured with adaptive features to enable quality service whenever they are used, like the control cables are flexible for ease in installation and use, heat-resistant cables are good for use in high temperature applications.

Infrastructure cables. These cables are huge and bulky since they are for infrastructural applications. This company handles quite a variety of these types of cables such as: installation cables, power, security, medium voltage cables among many others. These products are made with new technological approach. Besides, all the features necessary for competence have been customized for each cable like the installation cables are halogen free so that is not prone to chemical reactions.

Bus, Network and Data Technology. The Helukable Company offers the customer planning, analysis, cables and accessories supply. They also do installation commissioning and final acceptance services. They have branded their products with particular trademarks which are distinct and can be easily identified across the global market.

Helukable also has a flank of industries that it runs. These industries deal in a variety of related products. The Automation industry, deals with automation applications which are very important for those who need to work with automated devices. Automated devices are those devices which use sensors to detect a signal and develop an actuation related to the signal. This company also has chemical, electronic, food and beverage, transport, machine construction, plant construction industries amongst many other industries.

In conclusion, this company is a well-developed and multi-faceted company with various sites across the globe. It does both the manufacturing and sales for their products. Helukable products always go through rigorous test process before they are released into the market, therefore it is convenient enough to say their products are up to standards.

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