Corning manufacturing company is one of the world’s best known producer of glass, since the making of the light bulb glass which was used by Thomas Edison. In over 165 years it has applied supreme expertise in ceramics, optical physics and specialty glass to develop products which has helped in the creation of new industries thus transforming lives. 

The company was initially called Corning Glass Works up to 1989, and changed the name into the present Corning Incorporated company. It was founded in 1851 and since then, based in the city of Corning, New York has grown consistently. Corning company has five major business segments; Display Technologies, Environmental Technologies, Optical Communications, Life Sciences and Specialty Materials.

Display Technologies This segment deals in the manufacture of glass substrates for the active matrix LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays), which are intended for use in notebook computers, LCD televisions and the flat panel monitors. It designs, develop, manufacture and supplies their top quality glass products using the technology expertise alongside the proprietary union manufacturing process, which was invented by corning in the LCD industry. The automated procedure produces glass of high quality with good dimensional uniformity and stability; which is needed in the manufacture of large, high performance LCDs. The fusion process is scalable and mostly preferred in producing large substrates.

Environmental Technologies
The Corning’s segment of Environmental Technologies deals in the manufacture of filter products alongside the ceramic substrates: These products are preferred for use in the emission control in both stationery and mobile applications in the globe. Corning designed and developed a high performance and economical ceramic substrate in early 1970’s, which has since been used as a catalytic converter in vehicles all over the world. As far as the global emissions controlling rules is concerned, corning developed a more efficient, reliable and durable ceramic substrate alongside the filter products for diesel and gasoline applications. The ceramic and filter products from corning company are sold directly to the catalyzers and manufacturers who later sells to the automotive and engine manufacturers.

Optical Communications
In 1970 Corning manufactured the first Low Loss Optical fiber cable and since then it has continued in pioneering the optical cable connectivity with advancements in technology. As the demand of video usage grew exponentially, networks continually migrated from the use of copper cables to the optical fiber systems in delivering the required bandwidth carrying capacity. Corning company has a long time experience thus making them a master mind in designing and delivering optical fiber cable solutions that can be applied by lots of communication networks.

Optical Communications segment recently graduated from being the manufacturer of the optical cable hardware alongside equipment, to being the industrial optical solutions in the communications industry. This segment is categorized into Carrier and Enterprise Network. In which the Carrier Network deals with primarily products and solutions of optical communications services such as voice, data and video communications. While the Enterprise group consist of primarily, optical communications network sold to governments, businesses and individuals.

Life Sciences
Life Sciences is the leading designer, developer and the global supplier of laboratory products. These products include; specialty surfaces, lab ware and equipment, media and reagents used in the cell culturing research, genomics, bio processing, microbiology, chemistry and in the drug discovery. Marketing of these products is done globally through the distributors to biotechnological and pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, academic institutions, government institutions and research facilities.

Specialty Materials
It is responsible for the manufacture of products, which offer at least 150 material constructions for glass ceramics, fluoride crystals and the glass to satisfy the customer needs. This segment also works in commercial and industrial market which include the display optics and component, aerospace and defense, the semi-conductor optical components, ophthalmic products, astronomy, telecommunication components and the cover glass, which is improved for portable display device.

Corning Incorporated Company has been in the market for over 100 years, of diligently serving its customers. For more information about this cables and many other cable or wire products, please feel free to get in touch with us via the live chat available at the bottom right hand side part of our website and we’ll be very happy to help you out.

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