Genfire Cable refers to electrical distributing conductors that exhibit excellent performance when subjected to flames. They are designed, developed and manufactured to slow down the rate of combustion in case there is a fire outbreak. It is advisable to consider the use of general fire cables as a safety measure during electric power installation process in our residential places, industrial companies, learning institutions, hospitals or any other confined places. Since these cables slows down the rate of burning it will be easier for people to make their ways out, as the firefighting operation is carried out. Therefore this product is an ideal for use especially where many people share power like a commercial building or a construction site.

This cable comes as a single copper conductor belonging to class 2, coated with a low smoke halogen free insulator. A galvanized steel wire may also be used for the aluminum wires as well as the multicore cables. The Insulation of this cable is in three different layers; the first layer is coated with ceramic (mica) which is a mineral tape resistant to fire, then the second layer of the insulation material is cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) and all these layers are encased with the low smoke halogen free thermoset compound.

What are halogens?
Halogens is a term that refers to elements which include chlorine, fluorine, iodine and bromine. They are highly reactive and thus post a threat to plants, animals and people. Some cables are made of insulations such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which consist of high amount of halogen chlorine in the chloride in oxidative state. These halogens are environmental friendly when in normal conditions and a very stable without posing any danger, but become dangerous and very unstable when they are subjected to fire. Insulations made of halogens when burned produce harmful gases to humans when inhaled, and these toxic gases can also corrode metals. For this reason a common wire and cable insulation material containing halogens will release toxic gases and smoke. However, the use of Low Smoke Halogen free insulation is much safe as it emit no harmful gases and smoke when burned.

All the materials used in the manufacture of a general fire cable is tested in the international laboratory to prove that the cable product is conducive for its performance. It is ensured that the materials adhere to be in line with the following specification standards:

1.Flammability standards as per the UL 1581 vertical flames test of (VW-1). This is a basic test as it approves the resistivity capacity of an electrical wire and cable.

2.IEC 60754-1 an the 60754-2 of an Acid gas generation

3.IEC 61034-2 which represents the smoke emission

4.IEC 60754-for halogen free, as well as low corrosion and the acidity of the evolved gases

Features and benefits

1.General fire cables have a temperature rating of -20 and up to 75 degrees. This enhances its performance in both wet and dry environmental conditions.

2.Insulation of this cable achieves its durability as well as the safety of the cable. It will offer safety in case of fire occurrence and also protect the cable from corrosive chemicals and mechanical damage.

This cable is preferred for use in public places for transmission of power for general use as long are the voltage rating is not exceeded, such as commercial buildings, hospitals etc. 

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