General Cable is a leading manufacturer of reliable building wire and cable. It is arguably the third largest wire, cable and cable accessories company in the world with its headquarters in Highland Heights, Kentucky. This renowned manufacturer designs, manufactures and distributes cables and wires meant for use in communications, energy and the electrical systems. It’s best known for high quality communication cables, specifically its strong fiber optics, which is widely used in voice, data and the video applications. Energy cables manufactured by General Cable help in power distribution by either overhead or underground transmission. Generally, her electric wiresand entire cable products are extensively used in power transmissions in residential and commercial properties. This company operates 38 manufacturing facilities, in 9 different countries.


GC has gone through a lot of name changing just as much as it has changed hands from one owner/group of owners to another. The initial corporation date was in 1927 when a dozen of cable and wire manufacturers merged into one large manufacturer. Ever since, the company it has changed its logo five times and currently it runs on a log with a tagline ‘’General Cable’’ in black, and a green ‘’Reuleaux triangle’’ on the left hand side part of the logo.

The world has started seeing the angry side of Mother Nature and all governments are calling on companies to go green and think of methods of production that will best help save the natural environment. GC is not left behind, it recently adopted the green color on its logo as an outward sign of a commitment to developing environmental conscious strategies amongst its plants all over the world. The “go green” approach identifies the green opportunities like the green cabling solution, which is stated in the company’s white papers that it should promote optimize the use of green energy to produce eco-friendly products. The company later, in 2000 embarked on a Lean Six Sigma journey to help mitigate waste alongside the non-value extra processes.

The General Cable Company is widely known for designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing aluminum, copper and the fiber optic wires and cables. These products are for use in the energy, industrial, construction, specialty and communication market. The company maintains a competitive edge in core areas such as the products’ breadth line, the brand recognition, operating efficiency, sales and service and in the distribution and logistics. Apart from manufacturing wire and cables, it also a well-equipped taskforce to help the customers with integration and the installation of these cables and wires.

Product category
The electric utility cables; - These products include the low and medium voltage distribution cables, high and extra high voltage underground transmission cables, the bare overhead electrodes, submarine transmission cables and panel board cables.

Electric infrastructure category; -This product category includes the rubber/plastic coated wire and cable, the low and medium voltage industrial cable, the rail and mass transit cable, the oil and gas cable a shipboard cable, armored mining cable and the alternative power generating cable.

Communication product category; - This category comprises of optic fiber and a high bandwidth twisted copper cable, the multi conductor and multi pair fiber with copper networking cable, the outside plant telecommunication exchange cable, low detection profile cable, coaxial cable, the optic fiber submarine system cable, the turnkey submarine network and the offshore integration system.

The Construction category; -Consists of the flexible cord and the construction cable.

Rod mill product category; -comprises of the aluminum and copper rod.

General Cable has offered stellar manufacturing services for users of electric wires and cables for a very long time. It has therefore proved to be a reliable business partners to its customers and remained competent in the market.

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