Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene otherwise known as FEP is a fluoropolymer that can be used as an insulation material or jacket material. Identifying FEP from other cables and wires is easy as it is clear and transparent in color. Some of the key properties of this fluoropolymer include;

  • Chemically inert
  • It is resistant to ultra violet light. This property makes it not to age even after a good period of time.
  • It has low co-efficient to friction
  • Its melting temperature is very low
  • It is flexible making it easy to use as well as increase its life span
  • It does not absorb water. Its water absorption rate stands at <0.01%
  • It can work in temperatures that range between -2000 C to 2050 C
  • It has non-stick properties
  • It has been approved by FDA

The above FEP properties coupled with its numerous advantages have made it ideal in a number of applications. Let us now look at some of the advantages of FEP;

  • When you look at it electronically, fluorinated ethylene propylene is an insulation and jacket material with among the highest dielectric strengths in the world of cables and wires. This makes it to non- linearly conduct better in electrostatic environments.
  • FEP can withstand very high amounts of heat. It actually has one of the lowest melting degrees when it comes to cables. Its melting point is about 2600 C.
  • The fluorination coupled with the pure carbon and fluorine structure makes it to resist corrosions. In actual sense, cables that have been coated by FEP have the ability to withstand corrosive situations such as detergents way better than other cables in the market.
  • FEP gives room for smaller diameter use.
  • In the event a design that is torque free is incorporated with the FEP cable the memory present in the right or left hand cables that are twisted is done away with.
  • When the leads of cables are formed with FEP they tend to offer high resistance to fluids, ozone, chemicals and age.

Applications of FEP

Generally, FEP is used in situations that call for clarity due to its milky or clear appearance. The following are some of the areas in which FEP cable and wire can be used;

  • It can be used in industrial situations that require high temperatures. This may include areas that are nearer to steam lines, glass plants or plants that are involved in chemical processing. The reason as to why FEP is ideal for these situations is that when several conductor cables are jacketed or insulated with FEP they get to have very high abrasion resistance as well as increased resistance to mechanical abuse. There is also reduction in moisture damage and fluid damage.
  • FEP is used in the wiring industry. This includes wires used for the purposes of computer wiring, hook up, technical wiring and coaxial cables.
  • Fluorinated ethylene propylene is used in aerospace. Here, the FEP film helps to prohibit molds in the process of curing.
  • FEP is used in lab ware industries and tubing industry. This is because these industries go through a lot of corrosive chemical procedures and FEP offers great resistance against such corrosions.
  • Telecommunications cable jacketing.
  • Industrial film

You can certainly count on Nassau to provide you with the fluorinated ethylene propylene wires and cables in stock or custom- made in various length, conductor counts and voltage ratings. You will be more than delighted for choosing Galaxy as your supplier.

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