Power transmission should be done using top quality performance cables to avoid unnecessary power faults. This is why at Nassau Electricals we offer a wide variety of quality cabling products which are designed, developed and manufactured with different materials to perform at their optimum in different fields of applications. The flexible grounding cable is an electrical supplying product which is used to provide extra protection, for an electrical circuit which is de energized.

Invention of the electric power supplying cable products continually emerge in the world today since the introduction of electric currents, because of high demand by the public in the market: however you have to be careful when placing your cable orders. Some of the supplying companies do not value their customers in the way we do, and that why we go a long way to testing each and every product we receive from the manufacturers before we supply them to the customers. Regardless of who your flexible grounding cable supplier is, you are advised to partner with an experienced cable firm that has been in the market for long and offers reliable products into the market. Electricity is very dangerous when installed in carelessly structured wire and thus requires proper, safe connection right from the source to our residential places, industries, hospitals or any other institutions.

Construction of flexible grounding cable
This cable is made of many strands of bare copper compacted together and wrapped round with a transparent thermoplastic insulator that has flexible operating temperatures of -25 and 90 degrees. The bare strands of copper wires is annealed and soft enough to achieve the flexibility of the grounding cable. These materials are inspected and approved in accordance to the following standards:

1.ASTM B-3; the standard specification of the soft or the annealed copper wire

2.ASTM F-855; the standard specification of temporary protective ground that is to be used on the de energized electrical power supplying lines as well as the equipment.

Features and benefits of the flexible grounding cable

1.It is made of soft copper strands : The soft copper strands allow for ease in wounding of this cable into drums for shipping. Cables are normally wounded on drums and packed for transportation, this is because they have very long lengths that may not fit inside the vehicles or any other transporting methods. Use of soft copper also make the contractors to use less effort when bending and coiling this cable during power installation process.

2.The use of transparent thermoplastic jacket :  This jacket offers insulation to the compacted soft bare copper strands, which keep the cable safe from harsh environmental conditions as well as the mechanical damage. Transparency of this jacket make it easy to confirm and inspect the cable’s continuity and make necessary trouble shooting mechanisms. Insulation of electric cables also prevent the contractors from getting electrocuted during installation process, as well as when the current is flowing in the cable system.

3.Temperature ratings of 25 to 90 degrees : The wide range of temperature operating allows the cable to perform in areas of very wet temperature conditions and areas of high temperatures, without difficulty.

Applications of flexible grounding cable
This flexible jacketed electrical cable is commonly used as grounding wrapping jumper, which is installed temporarily to protect the grounding system of the de energized power circuits.

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