Perhaps you are startled with this phrase; cross-linked. It involves connecting of various chains, especially in proteins or polymers. These connections lead to a complex system which has more desired qualities than the former. Cross-linking in polymers (polyethylene) lead to formation of a high quality polymer used to make the cable insulation. Technically, a cross-linked polyethylene cable has an ability to provide reliable services and service the user for a considerable long time due to the sure longevity. It is also acknowledged that proper cable insulation system guarantees the users and electricians safety against life hazards. At Nassau electrical, we provide genuinely branded cables, cables with high quality cross-linked insulation and reliable services to our clients.

The flexibility of a cable is essential a key determiner of your choice when shopping on electrical cables. There is a way in which cables which are more flexible are easier to work with than the less flexible. However, the application for the cable will also indicate whether the need for a flexible cable is high or not. The cross-linked polyethylene used in making these cable is very flexible. This materially which is predominantly abbreviated as XLPE or PEX is used in making many other systems like the hydronic radiant heating and cooler systems. It not only used for making domestic wires but also for making the domestic water piping. Besides these, it is used for chemical transportation, sewage and slurries drainage and many more. The XLPE serves as an alternative to the popular PVC. It can also be used in the place for copper tubing for residential water system. So it is evidentially that this material has a wide variety of applications out of which its major function is for making insulations for high tension electrical cables.

One of the known applications is the marine cabling. The flexible crossed linked cables used in the marine systems meet the fire protection requirements according to DIN 45545-2. Besides that, they are free from halogen which makes them friendly to the environment. Being free from halogens, lowers to less than 0.5 % the development of Hydrochloric acid on the system which makes the system prone to less corrosive agents. With less corrosion, the system is bound fully to the potential with less maintenance expenses incurred. The flexible cross-linked cables used I the railway systems have less fluoric contents, not more than 0.2% and meets the standard of DIN N60684-2. It is robust against mechanical stresses and irregular temperature formations.

The other application of these flexible cross linked cables is in the aerospace systems. The RSSC Aerodefense shielded space cable is used in the aerospace systems. The conductor of this cable is silver plated copper material. While in some cases, an alloy of high strength copper with silver plate is used to make the cable. The use of silver plate is to improve its level of electrical conductivity since silver has more than 100 percent conductivity. Besides its exceptional conductivity, silver has an excellent ease to soldering which makes it easier to do electrical works with it. Silver has up to 250 degree Celsius maximum temperature thus can tolerate very high temperatures. The cable is used in spacecraft applications with systems that demand less than 600 volts. Though it is designed for spacecraft installations, this cable can also be used in the ships especially where high shielding level is required. It also has an insulation system made of cross-linked extruded ETFE. The cross-linked ETFE is sturdier than the typical ETFE. It makes the cable resilient and resistant to abrasion and cold flow.

Due to its flexibility and immense ease during installation, the labor cost for pulling the cable is never incurred and this saves the clients a lot of cash. RSSC Aerodefense cable is one of the flexible cross-linked cables that have been used in the spacecraft electrical systems for long. The users have enjoyed their services and ease to work. They are also very safe because they don’t have any fluorine content. Its silver shield helps in protecting the cable against the electromagnetic interferences.

There are much more beauty with the flexible cables. When you use these cables you will be satisfied with the amazing services they deliver. Nassau electrical, has a wide range of intricately designed and manufactured cables form renowned manufacturers like Southwire, General cable and Amercable out of which the flexible cross-linked marine cables form part. Try this cable in your system and yo u will never regret.


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