Quite a wide variety of electronic cables are manufactured from different companies across the globe.Conwire is one of the most celebrated and consolidated electronic wire manufacturer which provide standard and customized electronic cables according to the customer needs.  They offer extensive line of wire products and also a premier custom services that would provide build-to-order arrangement with an ability to satisfy their customer needs and also observe the stringent production standards. Communication and instrumentation cables are very vital in the technological realm since they pay a key role in the connections of communication systems, transducers, relay of audio signals and computer systems. Instrumentation cables are essentially multiple conductor cables which convey low energy electrical signals which are applied in monitoring and controlling the power systems. Measurement and control are very vital for any manufacturing and processing applications. At Nassau electrical we have a wide variety of electronic, communication cables which are standard and customized to sufficiently serve the consumer needs.  Our products are manufactured by accredited firms with professionalism and quality delivery is part of their production line.

The cables are meant to be used with systems which use 600 volts. But for communication cables manufactured at awcwire, they are used for transmitting audio signals, completing other communications and it supports a voltage rate of about 300 volts. The electronic cables which support low and medium voltage are physically tough, they require more demanding applications like the cable trays, conduits and ducts installations.

At Nassau electrical, we provide our customers with a lot of communication, electronic and instrumentation cables. These cables are designed for application in the marine environments. I would want to guide you through a sample of the seacoast type cables we sell at our shops. After getting the information, you will need to make right decision of visiting us for more cables.

Seacoast 18 Awg 7 Triads Type LS3SF cable
This is a non-flexing cable which is properly shielded so that information conveyed through it is never interfered by the noise from the external factors. Structurally, the conductors that make up the cable are stranded and uncoated copper conductors. Copper is annealed and easier to bend and fabricate into different features besides, it is a good conductor of electric signals. These make the material appropriate for use in the structural design for the cable. The insulation for the cable is a system made from polyethylene insulation material. This material is proficient and tough thus providing unpenetrated support for the conductors. Triad configuration of the conductors is formed by cabling three distinct conductors, binding them using fillers and taping using polyester tapes.

Its braided shield or use of tin-coated copper help in shielding the material against interferences. Shielding is very important in the functionality of communication and instrumentation cables. These cables convey electronic messages in form of waves hence any noise can distort the wave flow and consequently result into errors in the signal conveyance. This shield is an electromagnetic material. For seven conductors, they are cabled into a seven triad and bound using binder tapes. The overall jacket is made from cross-linked polyolefin material which is two layer reinforced for intact security of conductors against any mechanical nick or chemical corrosion.

Some the communication cables like ARCNET cables are used in the provision of high speed local area network (LAN) communication between the industry servers and user computers. These cables are good for high speed connectivity because they are made from copper material. Our marine cables are however meant for use in the offshore activities like the drilling rigs. They are suitable in wiring the control systems for various marine applications. The cable insulations are designed not to tolerate any chemical reaction since in the seacoast climate, a lot of metal corrosion is inevitable. Shielding serves to protect then transmitted signals from electoral noise thus reduced electromagnetic radiation emission from the cables. This shielding makes the use of communication, ele ctronic and instrumentation cables safer to the users since it is free from releasing electronic radiations into the environment.

Our products are manufactured by competent manufacturing companies like Southwire, Kris-Tech, General wire and Amercable. Tests and approvals from standardization bodies like UL, guarantees us the privileged of providing our users will legitimate and high quality cables.They are sold at different sizes and designs according to the application they are meant for

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