When it comes to environmental and fire friendly cable, then Ecosafe low voltage cable serves you right. This cable is non-halogenated making it friendly to the environment. It has very high performance and is made from recyclable raw materials which lowers the environmental impacts and boasts the cable’s proficiency. Besides that t he cable is appropriate for transmission of low voltage to up to about 290 km, this reduces the scenarios of fire spreads. The Ecosafe Low Voltage cable is manufactured by various companies like Giovinazzo plants in Italy and can be found in the electric cable shops at various sizes and types.

The physical features for a cable are key aspects to evaluate the efficiency of a cable you find in shops.The Ecosafe Low voltage cable is a single conductor with stranded copper conductors. It has no halogen elements in its make up hence proved to be friendly to the ecosystem. It is majorly a 2kV RHW-2 single conductor with an extruded insulation. The insulation system for the cable is made from a thermosetting material called polyolefins. Both the inner and outer insulations are made from this thermosetting material.

There are various conductors that are used to manufacture the cable. These conductors have varied features and adaptations for particular functions. They include; the concentric compressed type, the round conductors, annealed and class B conductors. These including the bare copper conductor constitute the standard conductors that are used. For increased flexibility in the production, there are other strandings that are done according to the ASTM applications.

A good cable must have a standard insulation system. There are a lot of advantages that come with the right cable insulation. It protects the cable from damages therefore increasing the longevity of your installation. It also protects the users from the electric shocks. Poor insulation of a cable will see that the consumer incurs a lot of costs on maintenance which can be avoided by choosing the cable with right insulation system. The Ecosafe cable is a product of dual-layer insulation: inner and outer layers. These layers are co-extruded to make a watertight system. The inner layer is optimized to fit higher electrical properties and also uses a compound based on EPR. For the outer insulation layer which is based on EVA, is designed specifically with rugged covering. This outer cover is the one that is totally free from halogen since it is the one that directly interacts with the environment. It is also limited to smoke.

The type of system, the type of cable and the nature of the location are some of the determining factors for installation. The Ecosafe Low voltage cable is fit for Conduit air, underground, direct buried and in cable tray installations. It can be used in both dry and wet locations.

I call upon you to try the Ecosafe Low Voltage cable. It is available in various options in the shops. This cable has a lot of benefits and is highly proficient.I hope this article on Ecosafe Low Voltage Cable has helped you gain more knowledge, keep checking for more. If you have questions then feel free to join us through our live chat.

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