Technology has succeeded to revolutionize the world. Different miniature systems are being developed each day. The connections between computer systems is also rising to complexity.Cables are also being designed to the fit of these increasing revolutions. The cross connect wire plays a critical role in the interconnection of pone systems. The cable is a voice-grade twisted cable which helps in the system interconnections. There are various types of the Cross connect wire at Nassau electrical which are applied in a vast range of telecommunication systems. I am particularly interested with the GigaBix Cross-Connect Wire. This type of cable is particularly designed to be used in the cross-connection between GigaBIX fields in telecommunication rooms or even at the main distribution boards.

Looking at GigaBix, you find that this cable is made with exceptional technology which makes it very relevant in this great technological show down. Where GigaBix Cross-connect wire is used, there is high flexibility and the cost for installations is very affordable to you. The other cross connect wires that you can find in the shops are the single pair 24 gauge cross connect wire which is available in spools of 1000 feet.

Features and Advantages
Physical and technical features of cables are the keys to identity. How they physically are helps you to distinctively allocate them without confusion. The technical features, lead you to the inner knowledge, where you grasp how to handle the particular wire without abusing it.The GigaBIX Cross-Connect Wire is endowed with a lot of distinctive characteristics to note. It uses the cut-to-length jumpers which assist in the elimination of any need for slack management therefore provides permanent installation aesthetics. The GigaBIX products that belong to category 6 performance and above are useful in providing support for gigabit applications.

 Cross connect wire has at least two twists per foot of wire measurement. The types F and Types H have the minimum of three twist for every foot of the wire. The category 5 of these products are designed to have at least 12 twists for every foot of the wire. Generally, cross connect wire come in spools of blue, green, orange and red colors. They are highly flexible and cost effective, features which make them really vital for telecommunication systems applications.

The GigaBIX cable has a benefit of encouraging backwards compatibility with applications that belong to category 5. The compatibility makes the design work easier and beneficial. A part from that, the cable is as good as to assist in security issues with the telecommunication interconnections. It eliminates the risks that emerge from interoperations with sub-standard hardware which could consequently increase the network downtime. GigaBIXis one cable which will allow for highest density of installation, leading to reduced installation space needed. It can be chopped into required lengths to reduce the slack management need and guarantee installation aesthetics. The cable that fixes your problems at a cost effective rate is the Cross-Connect Wire.

The question of where to apply these cables is answered here. The GigaBIX wire is in horizontal distribution or at the terminations of equipment in the Telecommunication rooms and Main distribution rooms. The GigaBIX Cross Connect Wire offers a superb transmission that overrides category 6 when installed with other systems like Belden IBDN 4800LX. It helps this system by creating an additional margin to reinforce gigabit applications.

Most of the Cross connect wires are utilized in the establishment of phone systems interconnections for domestic, industrial and commercial applications. The cable is not jacketed, thus consists of bare copper conductors with PVC insulation. The environment for application is not so adverse, that explains why the wires are only insulated but do not have jackets for external protection

These cables are made from soft annealed copper metal, that is why they are flexible and pocket friendly. They are available in different sizes and gauges. The GigaBIX is made up of 4-pairs of 24 AWG insulated cop per conductors. There are other parameters that will determine the choice of cable you need like: return loss, propagation delay, delay skew, attenuation amongst other parameters. Knowing the parameters that fit your system is a major step towards doing the right shopping.

Installation Tips
When doing the installation for this cross connect wire, ensure you bend and twist the last inch that is at the end of the wire before you cut it. Doing this helps you to prevent destroying the geometry of your cable.

Cross Connect Wires are very important in this ever evolving system of technology. 

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