RHH and RHWs are basic underground direct burial copper cables often used and Service Entrance points. These are points where power gets to the consumer for end use. As the name suggests, they are twisted service wire cables so identifying them can be very easy. These cables are readily available at Nassau Electrical and we’ll be willing to supply you with them and give the best advice on their installations.

This kind of cable is a unique type in that it contains more than one copper conductor twisted together to form a single cable. When in use therefore, it functions, is pulled, and is installed as a single cable instead of multiple cables separately. This wire plex phenomena proves superior to the parallel cables technique of application for many reasons and thus the service wire plex stands out against its competition.

This service plex twisted cable contains several single annealed conductors made of copper. These conductors are first stranded before being insulated with a cross-linked polyethylene. Finally, they are twisted together and thus will be used as a single cable instead of parallel cables.

The kind of insulation used for the service wire plex cable is a polyethylene modified for necessary physical and electrical properties to suit its use. The properties of the insulation material are dictated by the UL standards 854 and 44. UL standard 854 specifies properties for the cable type use – 2 while cable type RHH or RHW – 2 is monitored under UL standard 44. Other than physical and electrical properties of the kind of insulation used, the UL standards also stipulate the average thickness for the insulation giving a 10 percent tolerance margin for the same.

The Copper RHH or RHW-2 twisted service wire can be classified into two for the range of its applications. This classification criteria is drawn from the listing of the cables by UL standards.

1.Type use – 2 cable is suited for use in underground applications in locations that are generally wet or prone to wetness.

2.Type RHH or RHW – 2 cable on the other hand is applied in general purpose wiring. The RHH kind suits use in dry locations alone whereas the RHW – 2 can be applied effectively in both dry and wet areas

The cable may be installed in air meaning that it is applied without any wire molding on the surface and is thus exposed. In addition to that, it can be installed through conduits and other appropriate raceways depending on the application intended.

The service plex configuration boasts easy installation since the cable moves as a single line thus avoiding jamming. It also offers a lower coefficient of friction and pulling tension applied on it is uniformly distributed across its diameter. Having being twisted into one cable, it comes as a single reel instead of multiple thereby helping cut down both purchase and storage costs for the customer.

Use the Service Wire RHH or RHW – 2 Copper Twisted Cable and enjoy the benefits of reduced costs and cut down installation time. Be part of the group of contractors who report a about 50% to 69% reduction in labor costs after using the cable.

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