Control is a vital unit of any electrical or mechanical system. It is essentially the heartbeat of a system, therefore much caution must be taken when the control unit of an application is being mounted or installed. The technology of automation employs much of the control unit system for its operations. The cables are highly flexible with multicores made from copper conductors and galvanized with steel wire braid for mechanical protection. Nassau electrical provides with a wide range of control cables with different features and functionality. These cables are products of some the most excellent cable manufacturing industries in the world such as Southwire, General electronics, Kris-Tech wire and Americable.

Control cable factory manufactures cables that are used for car parking controls. It also provides a wide variety of control cables such as choke cables, parachute cables, throttle cables, push pull cables, shift cables and parking brake cables. These cables help in connecting the control units in order to achieve the desired command. Automation technology implements in high level, the application of control cables.

There are various ranks of marine control cables at our shop. Here I outline some of the brands we have together with their features and where to apply them in the electrical and electronic field.

a. Seacoast Conductors Type LS8NW, LS8NWA
The cable is primarily made up of uncoated copper conductor. The choice for copper is not a thing of guess but due to copper’s good electrical conductivity. The insulation system of the cable comprises of cross-linked polyethylene material, a material which gives a sturdy look and aversion against any mechanical nicks or chemical corrosion. For cables with eight conductors, fillers are used to bind them together and a binder tape which provides an overall binding. The jacket of the Seacost Conductors Type LS8NW is made from the proficient polyolefin jacketing material. Color coding and surface markings are done to prevent confusion when installing.

b. Seacoast Multi-conductors Types C14T/NT
Type C14T/NT cable has a structural design which is unique to fit the marine environment where it is to be used. The cable has stranded multi conductors which have design specifications to rebuff corrosion. It is a watertight cable which is durable due to its high tensile strength. The Type C14T/NT Cable is a great conductor thus very ideal for wiring the marine systems. Its insulation system is composed of PVC material with a clear nylon jacket.

c. Seacoast Type LSTTOP 3 Thru 15Pairs Cable
This is a non-watertight flexing service cable. Its construction is comprised of stranded bare copper conductors designed to be used for onshore and offshore drilling and to cope with marine environments. Its design favors its performance even in harsh environmental conditions where drilling rigs is involved. These harsh conditions may include high heat, drilling mud, extreme cold, vibration which is constant and may recur for quite long, corrosive agents like salt and even the mechanical nicks. It is insulated with XLP or propylene rubber with a jacket made from cross-linked polyolefin. Binder tape binds the conductor pairs together.

These control cables are basically used as interconnecting cables for measuring, controlling and regulating parameters in control units and equipment. The machine assembly and production lines, conveyors and control computer units employ the utility of control cables.

Nevertheless control cables are generally sturdy and well designed for outdoor applications. Like the cables we sell are entirely designed for application in marine environment. They can be used in both dry or in moist conditions. The braided screen for control flexible cables offer an outstanding protection against mechanical damages that may become the cables and also provides high electro-magnetic shielding. The galvanization helps to rebuff any corrosive activity. For direct connection to the public mains supply, the SY Cables are the most appropriate.

The marine cables we supply are used for offshore drilling rigs. They are also used in fixed and floating offshore facilities. The cables are mainly applied in control systems, electronic connections, communicating. Besides, the seacoast control cables help in indicating circuits and systems where multi-conductor cables are required. Some of these cables are also used in wiring fire and gas detection systems, video cameras, ballast control systems, consoles for drillers, controls for bilge and even in making the alarm systems.

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