The coming of computer technology has greatly influenced and given life a different and interesting bearing and modernization can no longer be satisfactorily described without the mention of computing technology involved. Computer cables are very important in a sense because the computers wouldn’t work as well without them.

The striking feature which sets them apart from other conventional electronic cables is that they are foil shielded. So what is a foil shielded cable?Well, you’ll probably have a string of such questions ringing in your mind as you read through the features of the article but I promise that this article is meant to demystify and leave with a clear understanding of every bit of the computer cable. The Nassau electrical is a lot to make the customers have a feel of satisfaction.

A wide range of computer cables are available at Nassau. The products are undeniably designed and manufactured with high quality touch. Our manufacturers are the world’s top cable designers and manufacturers, they include General Cable, Amercable and Southwire. An example is the Belden 1425A cable which is designed with multi-conductors, some of these cables are 6 pair, 3 pair while others are up to 15 pairs conductor cable.

What makes a good computer cable?
Considering that this cable is specially made for data transmission purposes, it has to ensure that the data is relayed fast, safely and securely. The data must be guarded against interference from the environment. Any slight distortion that finds its way into the data may cause inaccuracy or make the data susceptible to access by unauthorized parties. That implies that the computer cables must be thoroughly shielded. 

Our computer cable individual foil shielded is designed accustom to various applications.The conductors are fully annealed stranded tinned copper, made in consistence to meet the ASTM B-33 applications. All the conductors are twisted in pairs. The strands for 24 AWG Belden cable is of 7 by 32. Stranding is a technique that boosts the conductor performance as far as electrical conductivity is concerned. Copper used for this cable is also tinned, tin barely rusts so it helps to prevent the underlying conductor from rusts which otherwise cause it to deteriorate.

The Insulation
The cable insulation system is thick and comprehensive as expected of any typical computer cable. In fact the cables we sell have an insulation thickness of about 0.339 mm. The insulation material is polyethylene, a material that satisfies the UL 2919 requirements. On the outermost cover of the cable is the PVC jacket to provide a sturdy support. This Polyvinyl Chloride jacket has a protective wall thickness of about 1.00 mm to ensure that the conductor is safe even when under use in a punishing environment.

 Shield foils play a critical role in the performance of a data cable. Our cable has a comprehensive Beldfoil shield which provides a 100 percent watertight covering on the wire. Besides, the cable also has a shield drain wire in the outer cover. This drain wire is stranded type Tinned Copper.

Multi-Paired, Individually Foil Shielded Computer Cable has several applications in the electrical and computer telecommunication systems. This cable can be applied in the applications used for total isolation of signals. These are applications which require robust and thoroughly shielded cables, therefore for your convenience and establishment of a reliable isolation of signals, use the products from Nassau.Computer wiring is all done with the multi-paired individually foil shielded cable. The only danger is when you use substandard cables which may cause short circuits and damage your computer. It is therefore prudent to carefully check that the computer you are using is wired with appropriate cables. And as an electrician, when doing repairs and maintenance, see it that you use a cable that will serve the client well, it’s good for your reputation.

Control units for various systems also use this cable. With increasing use of automation systems, our computer cables will serve you well as it ensures your data is transmitted swift and safe so it’s appropriate for control units. Industrial equipment also use this cable in various instances as directed by the manufacturers.

Various features are depicted by this cable. It has both mechanical and electrical characteristics. Some of the unique features include:

1.The cable has a slightly higher maximum recommended pull tension. It implies that it is not easily damaged under tension
    but precaution must be taken not to exceed the recommended maximum pull tension

2.The individual shielding provides good flexibility for the cable

3.The cable has a superb shielding for areas where noise rejection is a critical issue

4.The mechanical durability of the cable is undoubted.

5.It has low nominal impedance and a high nominal velocity of propagation about 78 percent

6.UL suggest that the voltage ratings for the cable are 30 and 300 volts.


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