Due to the high demand of wire and cabling products, many cable manufacturing companies emerged in the market to help satisfy the high demands. It is not a surprise to hear some customers complaining about the performance of some of the cables and wire products from some manufacturers. When out to purchase a cable of your preferred choice, you should determine the manufacturing company you are going to buy from and also get the chance of knowing its progress in the market. This is important because you need products of the right quality which will serve you for a long duration, without developing unnecessary complications. Electrical systems is vital and requires a smooth connection with quality wires and cables to avoid power blow outs and faults, alongside other transmission fields. Therefore when you purchase from manufacturers whose products’ consistency has not been tested and proven to meet the relevant standards, you stand a good chance of being a victim.


The Colonial wire manufacturing company founded in 1944 is located in Hauppauge, New York. The company manufactures electrical building wire and cable products. It also has two major premises which manufacture different products used in different sectors. The branches include the residential cables and wiring company which is located in Long Island, New York, and another wing that manufactures commercial products which is based in Edison, New Jersey. This company’s name and its operating philosophy is inspired by the colonial minutemen which is revered in American history as a rapidly deployed and highly mobile military force. An initiative that made it easy for colonies respond to threats during revolutionary war.

Quality Products
Colonial Wire-Cable Company serves a wide market with high quality electrical distribution cables and wires. Apart from providing the wiring products, the company gives customers auxiliary services like educating them on how the installations are done. It supplies the electrical building wires and cables directly to the electrical installation companies and wholesalers all over the world. The quality of the Colonial Wires is tested and proven fit for their roles by the Underwriter’s Laboratory, which is a nationally known review organization that evaluates the wires and cabling products in more than 70 categories, using more than thirty standards for safety. The UL full verification programs cover the safety, performance, and quality assurance.

Sales and Marketing
The products of this company are tailored for use in industrial, commercial and residential applications. With the exceptional service alongside the extensive inventory of the products ensure you receive their products without delays between the time of order and delivery. The reduction in delays during deliveries is basically because colonial wire is commonly known for dealing directly to its customers without the intervention of the middleman. This is an added advantage because there are no chances of price forgery, which often occurs when the middlemen are engaged. Middlemen are known to hike the prices of the products in a bid to make a larger profit margin, a move which could exploit the customer for unjustified selfish interest.

This company allowsfor direct contact between the customers and its management. This means that when you trade with them you will be receiving information directly from trusted sources, thus creating confidence in prices and shipment duration. The company has stayed committed to excellence through an efficient delivery system together with excellent customer satisfaction.

There are many producers and suppliers of cables and wires out there, Colonia wire is one of the companies you should consider when looking for custom wires and cables. For more information on cables, visit the Nassau Cables blog and you will find more information on other manufacturers and suppliers. 

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