If you are out shopping for a cable television or network cables to be used for internet purposes, then be ready to be overwhelmed by the numerous varieties of cables available in the market. If you are not quite conversant with matters network cables, then making the right decision is not going to be a walk in the park. This is where the Plenum Cables come into the picture. A plenum cable is a special type of cable often placed in plenum spaces of commercial and residential buildings. Plenum spaces basically provide environment in which air can circulate properly for heating systems and air conditioning systems. Some of the places that are regarded to as plenum are; spaces in between ceilings and under a floor that has been raised or a dropped ceiling.

With the current world, the need plenum cables can never be further emphasized. Few suppliers understand this better than Nassau Electrical. We have a range of products you can use for plenum spaces in your building. Among them is the Category 6 Plenum Riser Cable. The most striking feature about this cable is that it does not combust and neither does it strike fires, so you can be certain of safety. So what more about this cable? Find out below;

Generally plenum riser cables are made of plastics as stipulated by NFPA 90A standard for installation of Air conditioning and ventilating systems.  The Nassau Category 6 Plenum Cable comprises of wires that have been made of soft annealed copper conductors.  Because in plenum spaces there include lots of bending and stretching, the copper comes in handy to ensure the cable easily bends and turns with regards to desires of those installing the cable. The conductors are of 23 AWG design and thus can safely transmit signals faster. 

The insulation of the cable has been made with a fluoropolymer (FEP). The copper conductors are twisted into pairs with a jacketing material that is of low smoke polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The jacketing material ensures the cable is UV resistant and oil resistant because plenum spaces are likely to be affected by such. This in the long run ensures the cable serves for a long time.

Compliances, Industry Approvals and Cable Ratings
 As you know for any other product, it is always important to go for items that have been proven and tested to be safe to the end user as well as the person carrying out the installation.  You can totally depend on the Category 6 Plenum Riser Cable form Nassau Electrical as it has been approved by the following industry players;

1.ETL verified to meet/ exceed  TIA/ EIA – 568- B.2 -1 (Category 6)
2.ISO/ IEC 11801 class E channel standards
3.CMP, FT -6
4.UL 444
5.UL 1666- this is a fire test done to determine the values of flame propagation height in optical and electrical cables that are
   usually vertically installed in shafts or in vertical runs which penetrate one or several floors.
6.ANSI/TIA 568- C.2 which ascertains that the cable has been proven and tested to be a category 6 copper cabling system by
   an independent laboratory and is in accordance with all the electrical channel requirements as stipulated by this standard.
7.2011 National Electrical Code
8.NFPA 262- this is the standard method of test for flame travel and smoke of wires and cables for use in air plenum spaces.
9.RoHS Compliant-it prevents the use of particular materials that are deemed dangerous in electrical and electronic products.

Nassau Category 6 Plenum Cable is used to run in plenum spaces and may as well be used in the place of CMP, CMR, CMG, CM, CMX cables. In the event the cable is along a path of fire, it self-extinguishes by melting and producing very little dangerous fumes. This is not only safer but also healthier for those that might breathe in smoke- filled air before exiting them from the building on fire. Cables that run in plenum spaces (air ducts) need to be tested to be fire safe as stipulated by the National Fire Protection Association 262 (NFPA).


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