Getting the right cables for the job you want done will relieve you from the stress of frequently going through sleepless nights thinking of how to repair malfunctions in your transmission systems. Weaknesses in cable transmissions can easily be avoided by just making a simple decision to trade with a company that manufactures top quality products. When you make the right choice of the cable company to use you can be sure of experiencing no more cable complications. There are various manufacturers in the world which emerged in the market as a result of the high demand of wire and cable products, to help meet the demands of the public. However, some companies consistently receive criticisms about the poor performance of their products from the public and always. This is not a strange thing because many companies out there make very low quality cables. The need for reliable and durable products created a niche for Belden Wire and Cables.                                                      

About Belden
Belden wire and cable manufacturing company was founded in 1988, 18th of May with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. It has since proven worthy of a fair share of the wire and cable market for providing the public with the networking and power transmission lines. This company designs, manufactures and markets signal lines for a wide range of applications and cables for high power and low power. With high quality cables, the customers will always keep coming because they ensure fast and smooth transmission of information and power. That’s how Belden Wire won over many hearts.

Products of Belden
The business model of Belden has five different departments, namely: Broadcast Solutions, Industrial Connectivity Solutions, Industrial IT solutions, Network Security and Enterprise Connectivity. These departments takes care of designs, manufacturing and marketing the various products ensures that the business processes run smoothly on daily basis. Here’s a breakdown of what every department entails.

Broadcast Solutions
This is the provider of manufacturing, distribution services and connectivity systems for television broadcast, satellite, internet protocol television and cable industries. The segment focuses on customers in the sport venues, broadband, telecommunications and broadcasting markets. Some of the products this part manufactures are copper coaxial cladding cables for transmission of data, video and sound.

Industrial Connectivity
This segment provides networking components and machine wiring products. The products include physical networking and fieldbus infrastructure, along with the on-machine connectivity system. These products are used in applications of sensor and actuator connectivity for power control, data transmission and in mobile devices. This platform sells directly to the industrial equipment OEMs.

Industrial IT
Industrial IT solutions is a segment that provide networking system. The products include the Ethernet switches, security devices, network management software, routers, gateways and wireless systems. The products manufactured by this platform are sold directly to the end-use customers OEMs.

Network Security Solutions
Provides systems controls which protects the enterprise from cyber-attacks and keeps information technology regulatory compliances up to date. These services are also available for sale to the end-user customers.

Enterprise Connectivity Solutions
It is a provider of the network infrastructure cabling as well as the connectivity solution for the broadcast, commercial video/audio, and security applications. It majorly serves healthcare, financial, education, government and the corporate agencies.

Belden Wire and Cable is generally a very organized company with a very friendly taskforce. Their products are top notch and their customer service is impressive. I would recommend them for any of the products they specialize in.

It’s always a good idea to know your supplier or the manufacturers of your wires and cables before you commit to them. There are many other companies out there that would offer your equally good cables and wires. To read more about other companies, please read through the Nassau Cables blog.


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