Nexans Amercable provides cable solutions for equipment commissioned to harsh environments. In addition to offering technical support, training and education are included in the package to the customer. The mission of the company is to help the customer make money through increased productivity, cut down costs and safety of operation. To that effect, Amercable specializes in cables with high flexibility. These cables are produced through innovative engineering to ensure they are durable and reliable. The market for this kind of cable includes;

1.Production of oil and gas
2.Renewable energy
3.Mineral excavation
4.Industrial Applications in general     

Back in 1899, several companies involved in wire manufacturing merged with Washburn and Moen Manufacturing Company from Massachusetts giving birth to the American Steel &Wire Company. After the failure of their initial intention of taking captive the barbed wire market, the company turned its attention to the surging demand for power cables after the discovery of electricity.

The American steel and Wire Company dominated the production of industrial wire and insulation cable. When the United States Steel Corporation adopted electricity I its coal mines, the American Steel and Wire Company developed the needed cables. Doing business under the name Tiger Brand, the company specialized in developing mining cables. After several name changes and the relocation of the cable manufacturing section USS, the company finally adopted the name Amercable Incorporated. From then on, the company focused on expanding its product line. In 2012 after acquisition of the company by Nexans, its name was changed to NexansAmercable.

Since the company is well diversified in the products it manufactures, it is a leading producer of cables for different terrains. Some of its products include;

Gexol– is produced for application in the oil and gas industry due to the hazardous work environment of the industry. Gexol cables have flame resistant capabilities, are durable eve in severe cold and are also designed to be resistant to oil during drilling.

Crush and impact resistant cable – this kind of cable has no armoring on the outside making it quite flexible. Its requirements dictate that it be protected against impact but at the same time be simple and safe to install. The crush and impact resistant cable meets these specifications.

Varied frequency drive cables – the design behind the build of these cables aimed to develop a cable that could not release electromagnetic interference emissions. The result is a cable that boats 100% retention of electromagnetic emissions for varied frequency drive applications.

Marine medium voltage cables – these cables are specifically designed to endure cyclic flexing and applications involving high vibrations. They are applied in mobile drilling units located offshore and in business ships as well. With this cable, there is reduced installation time because it is highly flexible and so can be coiled.

GexSIS – 123 – this is a cable for application on the switchboard. It is highly flexible and durable to fit its use I power, control and wiring.

Amercable is a unique cable manufacturer in that it specializes in manufacturing cables for work in harsh environments like extremely cold areas or in the dangerous conditions of oil drilling. This makes the company stand out from the competition. Moreover, the company has a variety of cable products for different industries like the oil and gas industry ad even the transport industry.Concerning the customer, the company shows a lot of dedication to add value to the customer by including trainings and education in their delivery packages teaching customers management of the equipment to attain longevity.

When choosing a cable for your power transmission works or wires for construction, it’s always a good idea to have some basic information about the manufacturer. Nassau Cables has put together resources on the major manufacturers and distributors of cables. Read through our blogs/resources for more information on other manufacturers. Feel free to get in touch with us via the live chat at the right bottom part of our website. 

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