Installations of electric systems can be installed either overhead or underground. All the cables used must meet certain specifications which are fit for the type of installation chosen. Cables meant for underground installation have certain unique features from those that are meant for aerial installation. Aluminum underground cables have distinct features for distribution and transmission in the underground systems. These cables are appropriate for direct burial or in ducts installation. This is because the cables are made in a way that it resists abrasion, sun heat proof and resilient against impacts of force exacted on it. Aluminum underground quadruplex cable can conduct effective up to a maximum temperature of 90 degrees Celsius this according to NEC -compliance provision.

The cable is made up of three conductors and one neutral. These conductors are insulated with polyethylene material which has cross link extrusion. All the four conductors in a cable are stranded and twisted to form the quadruplex. These three conductors and one neutral form a three phase transmission system which is appropriate for medium loads. Aluminum quadruplex conductor is suitable for underground installation, it is manufactured and tested against the standards according to ANSI and ICEA. There are other specifications from UL 854 standards, which are followed in case you specify the nature of the cable you want.

Phase Identification
Various cables which have their neutral denoted as 'YES' are also given footage markings to enable in phase identification of the neutral. The color code for neutrals are three yellow extruded stripes. The live conductors are surface printed with a permanent marking. All the three phases and the one return path “neutral” together make a quadruplex cable system. The conductors are all black in color with exception of the neutral which has yellow stripes for identification.

One of the most important features of the Aluminum Cable is its robust insulation systems. The type of insulation makes the cable serve well or poorly in the underground installation. This cable has a black cross-linked extruded insulation made from Polyethylene material. This insulation system gives a longer lifespan to the cable and also ensures safety of the users and the electricians who conduct maintenances.

The cable is intended for use in the underground systems which run on a voltage of 600 volts or less. The structural markup of the cable helps it to provide reliable service underground, cut cost by eliminating frequent maintenances and replacements. Whether the location has a wet or cold climate, this cable supports a suitable service up to a maximum of 90 degrees Celsius which is rarely attained.

It comes with different sizes, lengths and specifications. It is up to the electrician or engineer to understand which option of the Aluminum underground quadruplex cable she/he needs. The span area, the type of system, the specific amount of power consumed and the duration of installation are some of the guiding factors for cable choice.

I call on you to try the Aluminum quadruplex cable for your underground installation. Am inspired with the strength and versatility of this cable when it comes to electric work. It will not disappoint you.

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