Electricity is today used all over the globe and thus it’s an essential basic necessity in our daily activities. It therefore requires a proper distribution system from the source to our residential places, learning institutions, hospitals, industries and other destinations; where it is used for different purposes based on the amount of voltage. Aluminum service entrance SER Style R cable is designed, developed and manufactured to safely convey electric power from a service drop to the power meters of our residential houses or premises, and also used later in the transmission of that same power from the meters directly to the power serving distributing boards. A service drop simply refers to a primary supplying line in which electric power flowing in it has been harnessed to low voltages, which can be used safely in our residential places.

The Aluminum Service Entrance cable is part and parcel of an Alumaflex 8000 series of cables made of an aluminum alloy electrode, which are made into strands and compacted together to transmit electric power currents at high voltage alongside the high temperatures. Aluminum service entrance SER cable comes as a double electrode having the ability to transmit electric power in a two phase transmission system. This cable is also fitted with the neutral aluminum electrode alongside a bare wire for discharge of the electrostatic charges which may build up, into the ground (earthing): Though it is limited in supply, there is another similar version of the cable fitted with four electrodes that has the ability of supply electric power in a three phase power system, as well as the neutral electrode and the bare wire for discharging the charges which builds up into the ground.

Materials used in the manufacture of this electric cable fully conforms to the following standards:
               I) The Federal Specifications of JC-30B NEC
              II) 44 for the XHHW-2 conductors


1. The electrodes of the Aluminum Service Entrance SER Style R cable are coated using the polyvinyl chloride
    (PVC) material. The PVC coating is non-biodegradable and prevents the entire contents of the cable from
    rotting, and also keeps the electrodes from adverse effects of heat. This explains why this cable achieves good
    and consistent performance in areas of extreme climatic conditions over years.

2. Concentric strands are made of the Cross Linked polyethylene insulator, to help the cable perform under high
    operating temperature ratings of up to ninety degrees in both wet and dry environments.

3. It is manufactured according to the standard of AA-8000 series of the aluminum alloys, which make it capable
    of transmitting electric currents in either a 2 phase power system or in the 3 phase system.

4. The cable is environmental friendly, since its contents offer resistance to both sunlight alongside the heating
    effect thus making it long lasting.

It can be used to distribute electric power from the service drop, can also be applied in the ground power serving cable entrances alongside the feeders in the circuit panel board. It is mainly applied in these fields because of its ability to carry high power voltages of up to 600V at a relatively high temperature conditions of up to 90 degrees.

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