ACSR cable provides a remarkable performance when it comes to electric power transmission with an unwavering quality. This cable is designed, developed and manufactured to carry and transmit electric current through the overhead power transmission method from the power generating source to its final destinations; such as residential places or any other institutions. ACSR having wide varieties of stranding ratios alongside the steel centered strengths, it offers the required level of strength and the ampacity to suit your overhead power distribution and transmission activities. It is widely us ed and recognized in the market because it is pocket friendly.

The ratio of steel to aluminum in an ACSR electrode may be chosen depending on the current carrying capacity and the mechanical strength needed by each of the application intended for. This conductor possess both the good conductivity and the light weight of the aluminum, as well as high tensile strength and the ruggedness of steel.

Construction : It comes in a concentrically stranded conductor round a steel core, consisting of one or more layers of a hard drawn 1350-H19 of aluminum wire, on the galvanized steel wire core; the core can either have a single or stranded wire based on its size. The ACSR cable generally comprises of the galvanized steel core of 1 wire, 19 wires or the T wires coated by concentric layer of aluminum wire. Steel core wire exists in Class A, B or C and the galvanization which helps against corrosion. Further corrosion protection is provided by the applying grease to the core or the infusion of the full conductor with grease.

Materials used in the construction of an Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced conductor have been tested and proven to meet the following specifications in accordance to the ASTM:

1.B-230 aluminum wire, and the 1350-H19 for Electrical purpose. The aluminum wire is to be made from
   drawing stocks and should be free from brittleness as shown by its ability to be looped and coiled round its

2.B-232 aluminum conductors, concentric lay stranded, coated steel reinforced core for use as an overhead
   electrical conductor.

3.B-341 aluminized (aluminum coated) steel core wire for the aluminum conductors, and steel reinforced

4.B-498 galvanized (zinc coated steel) core wire for the aluminum conductors, steel reinforced with the three
   classes of zinc used for the mechanical reinforcement during the manufacture of the aluminum electrode.

5.B-500 zinc coated and the aluminum coated stranded steel core for an aluminum conductor, steel reinforced
   is inserted for use in ACSR

Features of ACSR Conductor
1.This cable is made of aluminum and steel which join together their abilities of good conductivity and light
   weight of aluminum alongside the ruggedness and high tensile of steel. The two aspects of both aluminum and
   steel makes this cable suitable for use in long distance overhead power transmission.

2.It has an additional steel strands, which acts as a mechanical reinforcement thus helping in maintain its
   structural integrity.

3.There is flimsy zinc coating on the wire, which makes more durable as it prevents the galvanic erosion.

4. Grease is used in ACSR conductors to reduce corrosion which may be as a result of corrosive chemicals in the

Due to the top quality of the ACSR aluminum conductor, it is used for overhead ground wires, transmission of power across small water bodies like streams and rivers, and in other applications involving long spans.

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