Preference for aluminum conductors by electricians and engineers is due to its proficiency in electric conduction, its reliability in service and also its availability at a relatively low cost. These among many advantages are the reasons why aluminum conductors are well considered. Features of aluminum material also make it serve well in installations. Aluminum is light weight hence easy to transport and can be easily fabricated into different shapes to form bends. Besides, Aluminum has high tensile strength thus cannot break. Of course, it is one of the leading conductors, with high conductivity both of heat and electricity, this property helps it not to retain heat for long.

Aluminum THHN wire is appropriate for general wiring applications according to NEC regulatory standards. The wires are available in a range of different sizes to meet different applications using not more than 600 volts. It is therefore used in power circuits, control systems, signal circuits and many more applications.

The Mark up of MC Jacket

Cable protection is as vital as any other feature of the cable and that is why as an electrician you need to choose a cable which has a very tough protective jacket.  Alumaflex is insulated with a tough jacket which is heat resistant and moisture proof. Polyvinyl chloride is used to make the insulation while the jacket is made from polyamide which is a very resilient nylon.

This conductor is endowed with various features which make it serve optimally. It has the ability to endure very high temperatures. When a conductor cannot buff out heat effectively then there is high chances of fire outbreak. The conductor is good at dissipating excess heat so that there is no fire. This feature also makes it suitable for installation on concrete places which tend to be hot.

Sunlight can cause serious damaging on cables, especially when it is too much. A good conductor should be resistant to excessive sun heat effects. The Alumaflex conductor is resistant to the effects caused by sun light. These sun heat may also lead to flames in some cases. It is therefore advisable to make the right choice for the conductor to avoid occurrences of flames in your site.

The jacket for Alumaflex comes with the conductor to serve as a protective feature. During installation, conductors are exposed to some damages which can be prevented when the jacket is tough and reliable. A conductor without a good jacket has a short life span and may fail to perform due to damages. The conductors have grounding conductor strands which guarantee safety during installation.

Where to Apply Alumaflex Conductors

1.This conductors can serve in the following categories of applications:
2.Installations for cable tray and approved raceways
3.In residential, institutional, industrial and commercial power installation and distribution.
4.For controls circuits, signal circuits and power circuits for various embedded systems.
5.The conductor can be used for burial installation like in areas with chloride vapors, hydrochloric acids or caustic alkali.
6.On raised floors for installation of IT equipment systems following the standards by NEC

The Alumaflex is an exceptional conductor designed to serve in the current technological world. It has lots of advantages that is why you should feel obliged to consider it for your installation. There are many wires out there that can substitute this wire depending on the unique needs of your installations. At Nassau Electricals we have a wide range of wires, get in touch with us and we will happily help you settle on products that will give you uttermost performance.

I hope you found the information on Alumaflex Type MC Jacketed Aluminum THHN Conductors very helpful. 

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