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  • Thermocouple Extension Cable Individually Shielded Pairs Overall Shield 600V VW-1 ULTROL 60+

    These cables are designed to work well in areas experiencing more heat such as nuclear generation facilities, chemical industries, petrochemical refineries, and in steel mills. They can withstand the heat with their thermoset insulation and the annealing process. The wires have triple insulation consisting of an initial insulation, shielding, and jacketing. These combinations of insulation techniques offer much protection from the environmental factors such as radiation, heat, sunlight, and moisture. The wires are twisted in pairs of single insulated conductors.

    Applications :
    • ULTROL® 60+ thermocouple extension cable is a 600 V individual shielded pairs with an overall shield, thermoset, Class 1E rated construction specifically designed for applications in nuclear generating stations
    • Designed for use on critical circuits where total isolation is required between pairs and from external interference
    • Can be installed in trays, conduit, ducts, or in direct burial applications
    • The cables are used in critical circuit and control applications where there is need for total isolation between pairs. They are also needed where there is need to prevent external interference. They work well in nuclear generating plants and their installations involve direct burial, underground ducts, conduit, and trays or other raceways.

    Insulation :
    • Flame-retardant, heat-, moisture- and radiation-resistant, thermoset ULTROL® 60+ Cross-linked Polyethylene (FR-XLPE)
    • To ensure they are protected, an insulation material that is treated chemically to become a thermoset or change its molecular structure is used to insulate the wires. The thermoset material now becomes resistant to elements like moisture, heat, or radiation and flames. This ensures that the wire can perform in locations that exhibit these elements such as in nuclear generation facilities or in the steel millers and petrochemical industrial environments.

    Jacket :
    • Flame-retardant, moisture-, oil-, sunlight and radiation-resistant thermoset, ULTROL® 60+ Cross-linked Polyolefin (XLPO) — Black
    • In addition to shielding using a copper/polyester tape, a jacket is applied on the cable. The jacket is also thermoset and resists elements like oil, sunlight, moisture, and radiation in addition to being flame retardant. The jacket is made of a cross-linked polyolefin material to ensure that it is durable and allows easy installation of the wire.

    size (awg)
    no. of
    min. avg. insulation
    thickness (inches)
    drain wire
    size (awg)
    min. avg. jacket
    thickness (inches)
    jx, ex, kx, tx 18 and 16 1 - 12 .025 18 and 20 .045

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