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  • Medium-Voltage Power Cable Shielded Single Conductor 5 kV and 8 kV, 15 kV UL Type MV-105 ULTROL 60+

    This compressed class B stranded wire is made using a tinned annealed copper. It works well in dry and wet conditions at temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius. It is insulated, jacketed, and shielded for extra protection against degrading factors like weather or mechanical activities. It consists of an Extruded Insulation Shield (EIS) that forms a stress-control layer made of polymeric material for ease of stripping from the insulation.

    Applications :
    • Superior performance in utility power generating plants and other industrial three-phase applications For power to emergency diesel motors
    • Class 1E rated wire construction specifically designed for applications in nuclear generating stations
    • For use in wet or dry locations
    • For use in aerial, conduit, open tray, underground duct installations, and direct burial
    • This wire is used in power generating plants and in industries that use three-phase power supply. It is also used to supply power to diesel motors designed for emergency purposes and in nuclear generating facilities. Its installation involves open tray, conduits, underground duct, aerial and direct burial applications.

    Insulation :
    • Radiation-resistant Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) insulation, colored to contrast with the black semi-conducting shield layers
    • Asynthetic elastomer insulation made of ethylene propylene rubber is used to insulate the wire. The EPR has excellent thermal and electrical properties and takes a small cross sectional area with same load carrying capacity. The insulation is ideal for use in cables that carry high voltage and this is one reason why it has been used for applications and installations in the mining industry. The rubber makes the insulation to be resistant to acid, water, weathering, oxidation, heat, and alkali substances. However, more care is needed at time of installation to prevent damage.

    Jacket :
    • Flame-retardant, moisture-, oil-, sunlight and radiation-resistant, thermoset ULTROL® 60+ Cross-linked Polyolefin (XLPO) — Black
    • The tinned annealed copper cable has a jacketing material made of cross-linked polyolefin. The jacketing enhances flame retardancy, facilitates installation, and protects the cable against mechanical, chemical, and moisture penetration.

    voltage size range (awg/kcmil) insulation thickness (mils)
    5 kv (133%), 8 kv (100%) 6 thru 1000 115
    15 kv (133%) 2 thru 1000 220

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