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    This irrigation cable wire is made using soft drawn bare copper wire. It is insulated and jacketed for optimal protection, performance, and durability. The cable is used for direct burial application meaning that you may not need to use conduits to surround it. This reduces the cost of materials and installation. It is used wiring application in irrigation control systems.

    • Irrigation control systems wiring for direct burial – low voltage
    • Golf course satellite sprinkler controller
    • Residential sprinkler solenoids controllers
    • The decoder cable is ideal for sprinkler systems where it offers connection with the control circuits. It can be used in residential and golf course sprinkler systems. The cable has wide use in outdoor applications and areas that are vulnerable to moisture.

    • Low density high molecular weight polyethylene insulation
    • A Low density high molecular weight polyethylene material is used to make the insulation for this cable. This insulation protects the cable against insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, wetness, and other elements that may damage it.

    • High density polyethylene
    • A high density polyethylene material is used to make the jacketing for the cable. This material is resistant to wear and tear. It is also resistant to elements like moisture, water, high temperatures, heat, and UV light. It allows for to work well in installations that don’t require use of conduits. The jacket offers projected for the cables when installed underground with conduits.

    • Toro Jacketed Decoder Cables Direct Burial
    • Sizes: 14 & 12 AWG
    • Solid copper, 2-conductor

    • Soft drawn bare copper
    • High conductivity
    • Temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius
    • Operation up to 600 volts

    Part Number Size Jacket Color Shipping Weight (Lbs/1000')
    170800 14 AWG 2 COND. Red 65
    170800BLK 14 AWG 2 COND. Black 65
    170800YEL 14 AWG 2 COND. Yellow 65
    170800GRN 14 AWG 2 COND. Green 65
    170800BLU 14 AWG 2 COND. Blue 65
    170800GRY 14 AWG 2 COND. Gray 65
    170800OR 14 AWG 2 COND. Orange 65
    170800PUR 14 AWG 2 COND. Purple 65
    170800TN 14 AWG 2 COND. Tan 65
    170804 12 AWG 2 COND. Red 95
    170804BLK 12 AWG 2 COND. Black 95
    170804YEL 12 AWG 2 COND. Yellow 95
    170804GRN 12 AWG 2 COND. Green 95

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