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  • Through Wall Protector for CL2, Sunlight Resistant Low Voltage LED Cable

    This wall protector is designed for channel letter applications in LED modules cables. It is through-wall wiring protector that helps reduce the material cost. It gets rid of the need to have large holes during installation of the LED module power cables. When using this wall protector, it takes only seconds rather than taking minutes or hours in installing the cables. It is made to minimize any potential wire failure and has not sharp edges to contact the insulated conductors.

    • WALL BUSTER™ for use with CL2 cables
    • This through-wall protection device is used in LED module wiring applications. It is used to offer easy of installations . It has a snap fit design which makes it easy to use and install.

    • UV resistant
    • Fire and flame retardancy
    • Sunlight resistant
    • The wall protector is UV resistant meaning that it can be used in areas exposed to UV light and not suffer degradation. It is also resistant to fire and flame meaning it can work well in applications where LED module cables connecting the control circuits are exposed to heat or high temperatures.

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