8 Gauge Type W

Technical Specifications:
Number of Conductors in Cable:1
Nominal Insulation Thickness (Inches):0.060
Nominal Insulation Thickness (mm):1.52
Size AWG:8
Stranding (Al/Stl):133
Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) (Inches):0.485
Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) (Mils):12.32
Weight Per 1000ft Total (Lbs.):160
Allowable Ampacity 90C (Amps):80

Type W Portable Power Cable is suitable for use in:

  • Industrial and light- to medium-duty mining applications
  • Heavy-duty service as power supply cable
  • AC systems (grounded and ungrounded)
  • Mobile and portable electrical equipment
  • Motor and battery leads
  • 2-conductor cables - use on DC or AC single-phase systems where grounding is not required
  • 3-conductor cables - use on AC systems where no grounding is required, or on DC systems with one conductor for grounding
  • 4-conductor cables - use on two- or three- phase AC systmes with one conductor used for grounding
  • 5-conductor cables - use in applications where separating the system neutral from the frame ground is required

UL Listed - Type W. Conductors are manufactured in accordance with ASTM B-33 and B-172. Made in accordance with ICEA S-75-381 NEMA WC-58 - Portable and Power Feeder Cables for Use in Mines and Similar Locations. MSHA accepted, P-7K-123049 LR27151. UL Listed as Type RHH or RHW. CSA Approved. RoHS Compliant. Meets FT-5 Flame Test.

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A Type W conductor may be either a single conductor or a multi-conductor cable. Its applications vary depending on how many conductors are used—some make use of only one, while other Type W cables may have as many as 5 different conductors.

These cables are generally used in mining applications that are classified as light or medium-duty tasks. They may, however, serve as a power supply cable in heavy duty situations. Most of the time, Type W cables are used to provide power to portable and mobile devices, including motors, that will be used in mining projects.

Both 2-conductor and 3-conductor cables can be used with no grounding is required with the exception of a 3-conductor cable using a DC system, in which case one conductor is necessary. For 4 and 5-conductor cables, a ground is required.

These cables come in a variety of different sizes ranging from 1 AWG up to 500 AWG.

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