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  • RSCC Aerodefense MIL-DTL-24643/28, 39 and 40 Cable Low Smoke Multi Coaxial Shipboard Wire Cable

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    MIL-DTL-24653 Slant Sheets 28, 39 and 40 are tinned copper wires made for use aboard shipboards. A tin coating on these conductors ensure that there is reduced corrosivity, enhanced thermal performance, and reduced oxidation at high temperatures. These multi coaxial shipboard cables operate in applications needing 300 to 600 volts. They are suitable for non-watertight, non-flexing service.

    • For use in shipboards
    • The low smoke multi-coaxial cables are widely used in shielded circuits within shipboard applications. For example, they may be used in shielded circuits for military combat systems, lighting, interior communication, and power circuits.

    • Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or Irradiation cross-linked low smoke polyolefin
    • Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) is used to insulated these cables. It has high insulation resistance. XLPE has also high dielectric strength. At temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius, it tends to be a tough material. It is therefore resistance to impact, cutting, and other mechanical factors.

    • MIL-C-24643/28 - Low-smoke, zero-halogen cross-linked polyethylene
    • MIL-C-24643/39 - Cross-linked polyolefin (XLPO)
    • MIL-C-24643/40 - Halogen-free cross-linked polyolefin (XLPO)
    • A cross-linked polyethylene is used to jacket the MIL-C-24643/28 multi-coaxial communication shipboard cable. XLPE has great electric properties which allows it to be used as an insulator on not only low capacitance cables but also coaxial cables. It is a cheaper option compared to other jacketing materials. In applications that require high speed transmission, the low dielectric constant of this material makes it an ideal choice. The cross linking of polyethylene allows it to be resistant to cutting and impact or other mechanical forces. The halogen free, low smoke XLPE releases no dangerous substances when burned.
    • MIL-C-24643/39 and 40 have a jacket made of cross-linked polyolefin. The halogen free XLPO does not release noxious substances when burned. Cross-linked polyolefin (XLPO)is resistant to chemical substances and ultraviolet rays.

    Armor and shield
    • Armor:aluminum braid
    • Shield material:tinned copper braid
    • A braid made of aluminum is used as armor for the cable and this ensure more mechanical protection. A tinned copper braid is used as a shield to protect the cable from environmental damage.

    • Non-watertight for mission-critical environments.
    • Thermoset system for advanced mechanical fortification.
    • Low-smoke, zero-halogen system maintains circuit integrity because of minimal smoke generation, acid gas, and toxicity.

    conductor cable type size slant
    shield product description RSCC aerodefense
    military part number
    awg stranding
    22 7 ls1s5omu 16 28 n 50 ohms; 16 coaxial cables, overall jacket mil-dtl-24643/28-01un
    22 7 ls1s5omu 20 28 n 50 ohms; 20 coaxial cables, overall jacket mil-dtl-24643/28-02un
    22 7 ls1s5omu 40 28 n 50 ohms; 40 coaxial cables, overall jacket mil-dtl-24643/28-03un
    22 7 ls1s5omu 70 28 n 50 ohms; 70 coaxial cables, overall jacket mil-dtl-24643/28-04un
    22 7 ls1s5omus 16 28 y 50 ohms; 16 coaxial cables, overall double shield, jacket mil-dtl-24643/28-01ud
    22 7 ls1s5omus 20 28 y 50 ohms; 20 coaxial cables, overall double shield, jacket mil-dtl-24643/28-02ud
    22 7 ls1s5omus 40 28 y 50 ohms; 40 coaxial cables, overall double shield, jacket mil-dtl-24643/28-03ud
    22 7 ls1s5omus 70 28 y 50 ohms; 70 coaxial cables, overall double shield, jacket mil-dtl-24643/28-07an
    22 7 ls1s75mu 8 39 n 75 ohms; 8 coaxial cables, overall jacket mil-dtl-24643/39-01un
    22 7 ls1smu 5 40 n 50 ohms; 5 coaxial cables, overall jacket mil-dtl-24643/40-01un

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