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  • RSCC Aerodefense MIL-DTL-24643/15-18, 20, 26 and 71-73 Low Smoke Power Distribution and Lighting with Circuit Integrity Cable

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    The MIL-DTL-24643/15-18, 20, 26 and 71-73shipboard cables are made of barecopper and used for specific military and marine applications. MIL-DTL-24643 shipboard cables have different insulation and shielding materials and their reliability allows them to be used for various industrial and commercial applications. Most of these conductors are watertight though a few may not be watertight. MIL-DTL-24643 shipboard cable is regarded as one of the safest choice available.

    • For use aboard shipboards
    • The MIL-DTL-24643 cable may be used as power cables, in electronics, control, lighting cables, special purpose cable, instrumentation, and as communication cable. MIL-DTL-24643/15-18, 20, 26 and 71-73 are used for weapon control systems, lighting, and shipboard power.

    • Watertight silicone and glass braids
    • The cables have a combination of glass braids and silicone insulation. Silicone as an insulation material is extremely heat resistant. It is also flame retardant and its operating temperatures can be up to 180 degrees Celsius. However, this material is moderately abrasion resistant. Again, silicone is highly flexible and offer a long storage life while at the same providing good bonding properties. Fiberglass on the other hand is has higher operating temperatures that can go as high as 482 degrees Celsius. Fiberglass is chemical resistant, moisture resistant but resistant to abrasion. The combination of silicone and glass braids insulation provides circuit integrity especially when there is exposed to fire.

    • Irradiation cross linked low smoke polyolefin
    • A jacket made of irradiated XL low smoke polyolefin is used to protect the insulation. Cross-linked polyolefin or XLPO is not only fire retardant but also halogen free. It is resistant to other elements such as UV light and chemicals. It releases no dangers gases when burned. In some cases, low smoke red silicone rubber may be used as the overall jacket and this rubber is armored using aluminum braid to enhance the mechanical protection of the cable.

    conductor cable
    size slant
    product description rscc aerodefense
    military part number
    awg stranding
    16-7 7 lsdsgu 3-23 15 n 2 conductors, overall xlpo jacket.
    navy sizes 3 thru 23 are available.
    MIL-DTL-24643-01UN THRU-05UN
    16-7 7 lstsgu 3-23 16 n 3 conductors, overall xlpo jacket.
    navy sizes 3 thru 23 are available.
    MIL-DTL-24643-01UN THRU-05UN
    16-7 7 lsfsgu 3-23 17 n 4 conductors, overall xlpo jacket.
    navy sizes 3 thru 23 are available.
    MIL-DTL-24643-01UN THRU-04UN
    18 7 lsmscu 7-91 18 n 7,10,14,19,24,30,37,44,61 & 91
    conductors,overall xlpo jacket.
    MIL-DTL-24643-01UN THRU-10UN
    18 7 lsmscs* 7-91 18 shield 7,10,14,19,24,30,37,44,61 & 91
    conductors,overall double shield, xlpo jacket
    MIL-DTL-24643-01UD THRU-10UD
    16 7 ls7sgu 3 20 n 7 conductors, overall xlpo jacket. MIL-DTL-24643-01UN
    14 7 ls7sgu 4 20 n 7 conductors, overall xlpo jacket. MIL-DTL-24643-02UN
    16-9 7 lsdps 3-14 26 armor 2 conductors, overall silicone jacket. MIL-DTL-24643-01AN THRU-05AN
    16-9 7 lstps 3-30 26 armor 3 conductors, overall silicone jacket.
    navy sizes 3 thru 30 are available.
    MIL-DTL-24643-06AN THRU-12AN
    9 7 lsfps 14 26 armor 4 conductors, overall silicone jacket. MIL-DTL-24643-13AN
    12 & 9 7 ls7ps 6 & 14 26 armor 7 conductors, overall silicone jacket. MIL-DTL-24643-14AN & 15AN
    16 thru
    400 mcm
    various lsscf 3 thru400 71 n 1 conductor, overall xlpo jacket. MIL-DTL-24643-01UN THRU-15UN
    16 & 4 various lsfcf 42 72 shield 4 conductors of 4awg & 4 conductors of
    16 awg, overall shield and xlpo jacket
    4/0 550/24 lstcf 200 73 n 3 conductors, overall xlpo jacket. MIL-DTL-24643-01UN

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