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  • RSCC Aerodefense MIL-DTL-24640/14-18 Lightweight Low Smoke Various Watertight Wire Cable

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    These stranded bare copper conductors are made for use on military shipboards. The MIL-DTL-24640/14-18shipboard cablearelow smoke, lightweight and is made bearing in mind the aspect of safety. The watertight wire cables have 7 strand water-blocked conductors. It is used in applications of up to 600 volts and temperatures between -20°C to +150°C.

    • Designed for use on naval shipboard
    • MIL-DTL-24640 shipboard cable has been tested to conform with the rigid military standards and thus it is an ideal solution for use in communication equipment, electronics, control, power systems, and instrumentation. It is used in seaplanes, watercrafts, and other marine vessels.

    Insulation, jacketing, and shield
    • Insulation: Polyethylene
    • Jacket: cross-linked polyolefin
    • Shield: tape and braid
    • MIL-DTL-24640 is insulated with polyethylene. PE has found usage as an insulation material on coaxial as well as low capacitance cables due to the electric properties it has. Most of the times, it is used in such applications because it tends to be cheaper and may be foamed thus reducing its dielectric constant to something like 1.5. Low dielectric constant means that the cable can be used for applications demanding high speed transmission. A jacketing material designed of cross-linked polyolefin or XLPO is used to provide protection to the insulation. This jacketing material is halogen free, fire retardant, and resistant to chemicals and UV light. It does not emit noxious gases in presence of fire or flame. A shield made of tape and braid is also used on these cables to not only strengthen them but also offer protection against environmental and mechanical damage.

    Characteristics : Manufactured to SAE AS81044/12.

    conductor cable
    shield product description
    rscc aerodefense 
    military part number
    awg stranding
    22 7/30 1xsow 2-30 14 y 2,14,20 & 30 shielded conductors,
    overall shield and jacket.
    22 7/30 2xsaw 3-14 15 y 3,7 &14 shielded pairs, jacket. mil-dtl-24640/14-18-01unthru-03un
    22 7/30 2xsaow 3-37 15 y 3,7,10,14,19,24,30 & 37 shielded pairs,
    overall shield & jacket.
    18 7/26 2xsw 1-7 16 y 1,3 & 7 shielded pairs, overall jacket. mil-dtl-24640/14-18-01unthru-03un
    18 7/26 2xsow 3-30 16 y 3,7,12,19 & 30 shielded pairs,
    overall shield & jacket.
    26 7/34 2xow 6-77 17 y 6,18, 24,42,60 & 77 pairs,
    overall shield & jacket.
    18 7/26 3xsw 3-14 18 y 3,7,10 & 14 shielded triads,
    overall jacket.
    18 7/26 3xsow 3-24 18 y
    3,7,10,14,19 & 24 shielded triads, 
    overall shield &jacket.

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