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  • Prysmian and Draka Cable ICS IE ToughCat 5e S/FTP Installation Cables for tougher environments

    Conductor: Standed copper wire Ø 0.22mm2

    Insulation: PE, Ø 1.4 mm

    Twisting: 2 cores to the pair

    Cable lay up: 4 pairs

    Pair Screen: Al-laminated plastic foil around each pair

    Overall Screen: Copper braid, tinned Ø 6.2 mm

    Sheath: Oil resistant, Fire retardant and halogen free LSHF-FR (SHF1)

    Application: Generic Data transmission. This cable is Cat5e S/FTP cable meant for use as installation(horizontal) cable in tougher electrical and mechanical environment, including ships and offshore units.

    • EN 50173-1; EN 50288-4-1
    • ISO/IEC 11801; IEC 61156-5
    • Det Norske Veritas (DNV) specification No. 6-827.50-2 and Lloyd Register approval system, 2002

    Fire Rating: LSHF-FR(SHF1) - IEC 60754-2; IEC 610034, IEC 60332-3-24

    Chemical Resistance:
    • Mineral oils IRM 902 (IEC60811-2-1) - 7 days/23°C, 4 hours/70°C
    • Diesel - IRM 903 (IEC 60811-2-1) - 7 days/23°C, 4 hours/70°C

    Certification: This cable is certified by: Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Lloyd Register.

    Technical Data
    description colour outer
    fire load weight
    prysmian and
    draka cable
    part number
    mj/km kwh/m
    toughcat5 s/ftp 4x2/0.22mm2 grey
    7.6 515 0.143 65 1000745

    Product Code Table
    product description product code pg reference code pg part number
    toughcat c5e lshf-fr 4x2/0.22mm2 1000745 60011599 60011599
    toughcat c5e lshf-fr 4x/0.22mm2 500dp 1000745-00500dp 60011599 60015830
    toughcat c5e lshf-fr 4x0.22mm2 1000dp 1000745-01000dp 60011599 60015833

    Mechanical Properties
    bending radius temperature range fire load maximum tensile load
    without load with load during operation during installation 4 pair during operation during installation
    8 x d 4 x d -40°c to + 85°c -15°c to + 50°c 515 mj/km no load 100N

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