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  • Eutex Cable UnArmoured BU P17 0.6/1KV Fire Resistant Power and Control Cable

    Conductor: Stranded tinned annealed copper wires as per IEC 60228, Class 2 

    Fire resisting layer: Mica/glass tape 

    Insulation: HF EPR as per IEC 60092-351 

    Twisting: Two/Three Insulated cores shall be twisted together to form a pair/triad 

    Individual screen: 
    • Screened by copper or aluminium backed polyester tape with tinned copper drain wire. 
    • Each pair/triad is wrapped with polyester tape to prevent electrical contact with adjacent pairs/triads. 

    • Screened pairs/triads shall be cabled. 
    • Flame retardant & non-hygroscopic fillers may be used. 
    • Suitable tape(s) may be applied on the cabled core. 

    • SHF2 or SHF MUD as per IEC 60092-359 
    • Outer sheath color: Grey 
    • Any other color scheme may be applicable when purchaser required.

    application standard:
    design guide iec 60092-350 & iec 60092-353
    insulation material iec 60092-351, hf epr
    sheath material iec 60092-359, shf2
    flame retardant iec 60332-1 & iec 60332-3 category a
    fire resistance iec 600331-21 or -31
    halogen content iec 60754-1, 0.5%↓
    smoke emission iec 61034, 60%↑
    fluorine content iec 60684-2, 0.1%↓
    ph and conductivity iec 60754-2, ph 4.3%↑ & conductivity 10 μs/mm↓
    cold bend/impact csa 22.2 no. 0.3(-40°c/-34°c)
    mud resistant nek 606 (mud type only)
    sunlight (uv) resistant ul 158
    max. rated conductor temperature 90°c

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