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  • Seacoast Types LSMU, LSMA, LSMUS 14 Conductors, 300 Volts Cable Non-Watertight Non-Flexing Service MIL-C-24643/29

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    A tin- coated copper strand made for high temperature environments and use in locations where corrosion resistance is desired such as marine environments. The cable is used in operations of up to 300 volts and has an insulation of cross-linked polyethylene or ethylene propylene propylene rubber. A jacket made of cross linked polyolefin is used on the cable. A tin coating on the wire makes it ideal for use in high temperatures and offers more protection to corrosion.

    • For use on offshore drilling rigs, fixed and floating offshore facilities, and marine vessels
    • This conductor can be used to wire equipment and systems on offshore drilling rigs, floating offshore facilities, onshore drilling equipment, and marine vessels. The cable has been designed to work well in areas that have hard marine conditions like salt sprays. It is used in wiring controllers, indicators, and other communication equipment. It is also used to wire fire and gas detectors, ballast controls, driller’s console, and video surveillance systems within the marine environments.

    • Cross-linked polyethylene or ethylene propylene rubber
    • An insulation made of Cross-linked polyethylene or ethylene propylene rubber is used to protect the cable. Cross linked polyethylene offers high resistance to things like cut through, cracking, solvents, and soldering. Ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) has excellent thermal and electrical properties. When used as an insulator, it offers a small cross section area compare to other cables with same load carrying capacity. It works well in high voltage applications.
    • EPR is flexible and appropriate for use in temporary installation. It is used in the oil and gas drilling locations. It is also valuable for its resistance to water, weathering, oxidation, heat, acid, alkali, and alcohol. It can be used in temperatures ranging from negative 50 degrees Celsius to 160 degrees Celsius.

    • Cross linked polyolefin
    • The cable is jacketed using cross-linked polyolefin. This is a material that offer excellent resistance to UV light, great resistance to fire, and good resistance to chemical. It is halogen free and will not release dangerous gases when it is exposed to flame or heat.

    • Standard Identification Code by Method 1
    • Binder tape used
    • Double braided shield
    • Surface marking

    size awg mcm
    number of conductors
    in cable
    cable type
    area of each
    cable overall
    per ft.
    of bend
    nsn seacoast and
    part number
    20 14 lsmu-14 1.111 .400 .132 3.0 std-1 300 6145-01-205-9320 mil-c-24643/29-01un
    20 14 lsmus-14 1.111 .460 .217 5.5 std-1 300 6145-01-205-9320 mil-c-24643/29-01ud

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