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  • HW402 Sound & Security Cable Multi-Pair, Unshielded, NEC Type CL3R/CMR

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    Description: Anyone that is installing burglar alarms, smoke alarms security alarms and other similar systems should look at what the HW402 SOUND & SECURITY CABLE MULTI-PAIR, UNSHIELDED, NEC TYPE CL3R/CMR offers in these applications. With a choice of 2,3 or 4 conductors and sizes that include 18 and 22 AWG, the cables are perfect in many different situations. The multi pair unshielded cable is flexible and easy to install.

    No. of Conductors AWG Size Conductor Stranding Jacket Color Package Sizes Catalog Number
    2 22 7/30 Gray 1000' Pull Pac 22-02PNSCMR
    3 22 7/30 Gray 1000' Pull Pac 22-03PNSCMR
    4 22 7/30 Gray 1000' Pull pac 22-04PNSCMR
    2 18 7/26 Gray 1000' Pull Pac 18-02PNSCMR
    3 18 7/26 Gray 1000' Pull Pac 18-03PNSCMR

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