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  • HW404 Sound & Security Cable Multi-Pair, Individual Shield, UL Type CL3R/CMR

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    Description: When installing a sound system of any type, the use of HW404 SOUND & SECURITY CABLE MULTI-PAIR, INDIVIDUAL SHIELD, UL TYPE CL3R/CMR can make the job easier. It is ideal for security systems, intercoms, audio systems and background music with a suggested voltage of 300 watts. It comes in a size 22 AWG and has a number of conductors of 2,3, 4 or 6.

    No. of Conductors AWG Size Conductor Stranding Jacket Color Package Sizes Catalog Number
    2 22 7/30 Grey 1000' Rolls 22-02PISCMR
    3 22 7/30 Grey 1000' Rolls 22-03PISCMR
    4 22 7/30 Grey 1000' Rolls 22-04PISCMR
    6 22 7/30 Grey 1000' Rolls 22-06PISCMR

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