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  • SOOW Cable - 12/4

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    SOOW Cable - 12/4 Technical Specifications:
    Number of Conductors in Cable: 4
    Nominal Insulation Thickness (Inches): 0.045
    Size AWG: 12
    Stranding (Al/Stl): 65 x 30
    Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) (Inches): 0.650
    Weight Per 1000ft Total (Lbs.): 270
    Allowable Ampacity 90C (Amps): 20
    Coleman Cable Part # 822428
    General Cable Part # 2726
    HWC Part # HW25001204
    Omni Cable Part # B11204
    Southwire item Part # 55809599

    The 12 AWG SOOW cord with four conductors is a highly resistant and durable cable constructed with premium grade EPDM rubber insulation. The 12/4 SOOW cord has been constructed and manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions in worksite and outdoor environments. The cord is UL Listed and CSA certified for both indoor and outdoor use. Its flexibility has excellent tensile strength to handle stretching of the cord, and the elongation characteristics ensure the cord ages well and stands the test of time. 

    With a tough CPE jacket and stranded copper conductors, these power cables are recommended for use in a wide range of applications. The insulation material is resistant to oils, moisture, and abrasion, and the cord will also resist sunlight, deformation, and numerous other chemicals. The cables are used to bring electricity to motor leads, power tools, battery charters, industrial tools, and generators. Contractors use the 12 AWG cord for portable electrical power that carries a voltage up to 600 volts. 

    The SOOW wiring meets all industry standards and is MSHA approved for flame resistance in mining applications. Our cords are designed for extra hard usage, and the four insulated conductors are cabled with wax paper fillers and a tissue paper separator for removing the jacket easily. When your portable appliances or machinery are exposed to oils, solvents or flames, SOOW wires are constructed to handle those conditions and maintain its strength. 

    We know that as contractors, you have precise gauges needed to complete your applications. Our customer service and commitment to our clients will establish lasting relationships. We provide you with the exact length you need and affordable quotes to meet your budget. For hard usage and a product that withstands many hazards and extreme conditions, the 12 AWG with four conductors has excellent flexibility. Browse over the product specifications, and reach out to our customer service representatives to answer any questions or concerns. 

    SOOW Cable - 12/4 APPLICATIONS:
    SOOW 12/4 Portable Power Cord. Type SOOW Flexible Cords are permitted for use as specified by Article 400 and related articles of the National Electrical Code. Some typical applications for Type SOOW Cords include wiring for portable tools, portable appliances,equipment, small motors and associated machinery.

    SOOW 12/4 Portable Power Cord. Rubber Jacket. Temperature Range: -40C - 90C. Extra Flexible Stranding. Abrasion resistant. Resists oils and Solvents. Flame resistant. Ozone resistant. Water resistant. UL Listed.

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