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  • Prysmian and Draka Cable Multimode Fluoropolymer and Neoprene Jackets 90C to -40C Optical Fiber Festooning Cable

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    Fiber: Multimode (62.5/125 μm) optical fiber eliminates the need for expensive copper shielding. 

    Buffer tube: Color coded, gel filled, deformation resistant loose buffer tube (one fiber per tube) eases identification, provides mechanical protection and resists temperature extremes and the effects of high humidity. 

    Cabling: Tubes are cabled with a short lay length around an epoxy glass core for optimum flexibility. A full braid of Kevlar® over the core adds strength and reinforcement to the assembly; any tensile forces that may be encountered during rapid acceleration and deceleration are carried by the braided Kevlar® strength member. 

    Jackets: Deformation resistant fluoro-polymer inner jacket provides a stable base for application of the braided Kevlar strength member. Oil, chemical, and weather resistant neoprene outer jacket is suitable for use indoors and outdoors in abusive flexing applications where oil, chemicals and extreme temperatures are considerations. 

    • FIBER-FLEX® Festooning Cable is designed primarily for installation on festoon systems for the transmission of optical data. In addition to festoon systems. FIBER-FLEX is also suitable for installation in cable track. 
    • FIBER-FLEX is suitable for use indoor or outdoor at temperatures ranging from 90°C to -40°C on cranes, hoists, or any equipment which travels with a lateral traversing motion. 

    Specifications and Ratings: Rated for continuous operation at 75° C to -40° C in wet or dry locations

    fiber size stranding nominal
    cable o.d.
    in (mm)
    bend radius
    in (mm)
    cable weight
    lbs/mft (kg/km)
    Prysmian Cable
    part number
    4 62.5/125 μm .670 (17) 8 (203) 185 (275) 867 (1291) 024701
    6 62.5/125 μm .670 (17) 8 (203) 185 (275) 1092 (1626) 024617
    12 62.5/125 μm .670 (17) 8 (203) 204 (305) 1345 (2003) 024667

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