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  • Amercable Enhanced PLUS THOF Ship-to-Shore Power Cable 90C 600Volts Flexible 37-449

    Conductor: Class I, 500 kcmil tin coated copper. ASTM B-33, ASTM B-172 

    Conductor Insulation: EPR per ICEA S-75-381 Meets requirements of UL 44 RHH, RHW-2 

    Conductor Jacket: Enhanced Plus Only. CPE Composite meets requirements of UL 44 RHH, RHW-2. Pigment colored red, white and black. 

    Jacket: Extra-Heavy duty reinforced, flame retardant black thermoset CPE per ICEA S-75-381. Specially formulated to resist the abrasive nature of the application. 

    Application: A tough flexible 3/C 600V ungrounded power cable specifically designed for naval shore-to-ship and other pier side power applications. Enhanced Plus THOF is specially designed for additional sunlight and weather resistance. 

    • Complies with OPNAVINST 11310.3B 
    • Integral filled inner jacket for enhanced toughness and crush resistance 
    • Water migration minimized 
    • Mold cured reinforced jacket for enhanced abrasion and tear resistance 
    • Jacketed singles (Enhanced Plus) for increased resistance to sunlight and weather 
    • Pigment colored jacketed singles for phase identification 
    • Tinned copper conductors for reduced corrosion 
    • Indent printed for long term identification 
    • Functional testing to ensure flexibility in both summer and winter conditions 

    Ratings & Approvals: ICEA S-75-381: Portable and Power Feeder Cables for Use in Mines and Similar Applications

    size awg/
    lbs. per
    1,000 ft.
    part number
    500 enhanced 
    plus thof
    3.003 7854 37-449-503opnav

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