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  • Prysmian and Draka Cable Bostrail Traction Power Cable Single Conductor EPR Insulated XLPO Jacket 4/0 AWG to 2000 MCM 2000V

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    A conductor made of uncoated, soft annealed copper giving 100 percent conductivity. The cable is used in military applications needing up to 2000 volts and temperatures of up to 90 degrees. It is designed to meet safety in application and that’s why it is a low smoke zero halogen cable.

    • For use in high voltage application
    • This cable is used as a traction power cable in the military applications.

    • Low smoke non-halogen ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) is used to provide primary insulation.
    • The cable is insulated using a LSZH ethylene propylene rubber (EPR). EPR resists elements such as moisture, heat, and oil. It is an insulation material with great thermal properties and electrical qualities. It allows a smaller cross section areas thus saving on space. EPR does well in application needing high voltages. Being a flexible material, it makes it easy for the installation to be done. In addition to that, EPR has excellent resistance to oxidation and weathering. It resists other elements such as water, alkali, acid, and alcohol. When installing the cable, care is needed to prevent damage because EPR is a soft material. The low smoke, zero halogen EPR means that when burn it does not release a lot of smoke or dangerous fumes that may cause harm to people. It is therefore a safer option.

    • Low smoke non-halogen cross-linked polyolefin (XLPO)
    • An LSZH cross-linked polyolefin (XLPO) is used as jacket for the cable. This jacketing material is bonded to the insulation material. Polyolefin resists chemicals and ultraviolet rays. The low smoke properties of the polyolefin material ensure that less smoke is released in the event of fire. Again, the zero halogen means no dangerous fumes are released when the cable is burnt. An opaque polyester tape is used as separator over the conductors.

    • Class “B” stranded compressed concentric round conductor
    • Can sustain 90°C wet or dry operating temperatures
    • Rated 90°C Wet or Dry Traction Power Cable
    • UL 1581 Vertical Tray (70,000 BTU)
    • UL RHW-2
    • Resistance meets the requirements of ICEA S-95-658 (NEMA WC70).

    stranding average
    in (mm)
    in (mm)
    bend radius
    in (cm)
    cable o.d
    in (mm)
    cable weight
    lbs/mft (kg/km)
    prysmian and
    draka cable
    part number
    4/0 awg 19/w .110 (2.8) .065 (1.7) 3.5 (89) 405 0.880 (22.3) 900 (1341) TR0000
    500 MCM 37/w .110 (2.8) .080 (2.0) 5.0 (127) 700 1.190 (30.2) 1930 (2875) TR0500
    750 MCM 61/w .125 (3.2) .080 (2.0) 6.0 (152) 885 1.400 (35.6) 2870 (4276) TR0750
    1000 MCM 61/w .125 (3.2) .095 (2.4) 6.5 (165) 1055 1.580 (40.1) 3710 (5528) TR1000
    1500 MCM 91/w .125 (3.2) .095 (2.4) 7.5 (191) 1325 1.830 (46.5) 5380 (8016) TR1500
    2000 MCM 127/w .125 (3.2) .110 (2.8) 8.5 (216) 1725 2.080 (52.8) 7100 (10579) TR2000

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