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  • RSCC Aerodefense High Temperature Surprenant AD300 Shielded and UnShielded Military Cable

    A nickel-plated copper and allow wire that is designed for use in military and avionics. The nickel plating on the copper ensures that the cable can perform well in high temperatures. Nickel has performed well in both low and high temperatures. It has high oxidation resistance and offers greater corrosion resistance. Since nickel enhances the thermal shock of the cable, it means that high temperatures, the cable can work well. Nickel is easy to weld. Nickel plating used on copper wire is meant to improve temperature handling because copper wires may not be able to perform regularly in operations where temperatures surpass 150 degrees Celsius. This is because oxidation degrades copper at high temperatures. The coating also makes the cable to be more conductive. AD300 offers the user different cable constructions ranging from shielded to unshielded or jacketed to unjacketed.

    • For use in high temperature environment
    • AD300 is used in different application ranging from military vehicles, avionics, and missiles to shipboards.

    • Fluoropolymer
    • The common insulation material for AD300 cables is fluoropolymer. The material offers protection against flame, fire, and chemicals. The fluoropolymers used to insulate the cables are a preferred choice where low flammability, superior dielectric properties, low smoke emissions, and high stress crack resistance and extended thermal cycling capabilities are desired.

    Jacketing : A jacket made of fluoropolymer is used to offer more protection to the cable by protecting the insulation. It protects the insulation against chemical and mechanical damage.

    part number designation
    ad300 - 24 nc 3 n 30 - x/x/x - x
    spec d method awg wire type number
    shield type jacket
    jacket color

    Identification Methods
    designation color code
    - white & white with stripes per table 3-1 (wc27500)
    u alternate color designation spelled out in part (mil-std-681)

    Shield Descriptions
    single shield double shield shield material temp rating
    u - not shielded 300°c
    n y nickel plated copper, round 300°c

    Jacket Types
    single jacket double jacket jacket material temp rating
    00 00 no jacket 300°c
    30 90 extruded white

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