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  • RSCC Aerodefense SAE AS81044/10 Medium Weight Wall Cross-Linked PVDF 600V Cable

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    A medium weight wall cable designed of silver coated high strength copper alloy strands. The cable has operating temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius and approved voltage of up to 600 volts. The silver coating gives it a better thermal performance and while it may be soldered, this is achieved by using active flux products.

    • Designed as a medium weight wall cable
    • Made for use in avionics, shipboards, military vehicles, airframes, and missiles.

    • Irradiation cross-linked extruded polyalkene PVDF
    • The cable is insulated using a material made of cross-linked extruded polyalkene PVDF. PVDF is lightweight, flexible, and thermally stable. It is resistant to weather, heat, chemicals, abrasion, and fire. PVDF offers a relatively low cost insulation. PVDF is commonly referred to as Kynar.

    • Clear irradiation cross-linked extruded polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)
    • A clear irradiated cross-linked PVDF is used as the jacketing material for the insulation. This material provides resistance to abrasion, shrink back, cut through, notch propagation and chemicals.

    conductor conductor
    weight rscc
    part number
    size stranding material
    awg mm2 ω/kft ω/km inch mm lbs/kft kg/km
    26 .15 19/38 SA 44.8 147 0.048 1.22 1.8 2.7 81044/10-26-X
    24 .24 19/36 SA 28.4 93.2 0.054 1.37 2.5 3.7 81044/10-24-X
    22 .38 19/34 SA 17.5 57.4 0.062 1.57 3.7 5.5 81044/10-22-X
    20 .62 19/32 SA 10.7 35.1 0.070 1.78 5.3 7.9 81044/10-20-X

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