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  • EmPowr CDC Underground Distribution Primary Combined Duct and Cable Primary Cable Installed in Polyethylene Duct

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    Complete Assembly: EmPowr® CDC® Combined Duct & Cable consists of insulated conductor factory installed in a black high-density polyethylene conduit. The polyethylene conduit is extruded directly over any prior-made single medium-voltage cable.

    Complete Cable: All underground distribution cables in EmPowr CDC are manufactured and tested in accordance with applicable industry standards and/or individual customer specifications. See the appropriate catalog section for a complete cable description.

    Conduit: The high-density polyethylene EPEC-A Conduit is manufactured and tested in accordance with NEMA Standard TC7, “Smooth-wall Coilable Electrical Polyethylene Conduit.”

    Applications: EmPowr CDC Combined Duct & Cable offers an economical alternative to pulling cable in previously installed short lengths of duct joined with sleeve couplings. The inherent construction advantages and versatility of the EmPowr CDC design are ideally suited for underground primary distribution systems up to 46 kV.

    Features and Benefits: In addition to the initial labor savings achieved from installation of cable and conduit in a single operation, cable replacement costs and ground disruption are significantly less for the EmPowr CDC cable system. Tough, yet light and flexible, high-density polyethylene conduit provides ease of installation and high impact resistance for cable protection.

    • EPEC-B, EPEC-40 or EPEC-80 smooth-wall coilable electrical polyethylene conduit TC7
    • Gray or red color
    • Extruded red stripes

    empowr cdc
    nominal conduit
    minimum i.d.
    o.d. (± 0.012")
    min. inside
    area (sq. inches)
    approx. weight
    (lb/1000 ft)
    min.* wall
    thickness (inches)
    min. bend radius
    1 1/4 1.408 1.660 1.557 240 0.100 18
    1 1/2 1.618 1.900 2.056 310 0.115 21
    2 2.033 2.375 3.246 475 0.145 26

    maximum cross-sectional area of conductors per conduit
    nominal conduit
    size (inches)
    minimum inside
    area (sq. inches)
    maximum total cross-sectional
    area of conductors (sq. inches)
    53% fill one conductor
    1 1/4 1.557 0.825
    1 1/2 2.056 1.090
    2 3.246 1.720

    maximum diameter of conductors per conduit
    size (inches)
    inside area
    (sq. inches)
    maximum conductor diameter
    one (1) conductor (inches)
    1 1/4 1.408 1.025
    1 1/2 1.618 1.178
    2 2.033 1.480

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