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  • HW051 Switchboard Wire 600 Volt UL Type SIS 90°C XLP Insulation Flexible Strand Tinned Copper Conductor

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    This is a switchboard wire made with use of a tin-coated, soft annealed copper material. It is used in control panels and switchboards. The tin-coating process allows the wire to last for longer in wet and dry conditions. Tin has high anti-corrosion properties meaning that it will not corrode when exposed to wet or salty environments. Again, tin coating makes the soldering process an easy one because in itself, tin containing soldering material.

    • Predominantly used in applications such as utility substation switchboards
    Preparations at 75 degrees Celsius in wet locations and 90 degrees Celsius in dry locations
    • The wire is used feed electricity in control circuits within switchboards and control panels. It is used in low voltage applications not more than 600 volts. This wire can be used in both dry and wet locations.

    Insulation type
    • Cross-linked polyethylene (XLP) insulation
    • The wire is protected by an insulation made of a cross linked polyethylene material. The insulation has a huge dielectric strength and provides a high insulation resistance. When used in locations that have temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius, the insulation material tends to be tough thereby providing solid protection not only from impact and mechanical forces but also from environmental factors. It is resistant to flame, heat, radiation, and moisture. Cross linking polyethylene helps raise the thermal stability of the insulation material under load. The process turns the thermoplastics to a thermoset. This means that when the material is exposed to high temperatures again, it does not drip, flow, or melt. The cross linking of the polyethylene improves the stress crack resistance.

    • HW051
    • Switchboard Wire
    • 600 Volt UL Type SIS 90°C
    • XLP Insulation
    • Flexible Strand
    • Tinned Copper Conductor

    Size AWG No. of Strands Insulation
    Overall Diameter Inch Net Weight
    Catalog Number
    18 16 30 0.11 10 HW051 01801 /
    16 26 30 0.12 14 HW051 01601 /
    14 41 30 0.14 19 HW051 01401 /
    12 65 30 0.15 27 HW051 01201 /
    10 105 30 0.18 42 HW051 01001 /
    8 133 45 0.27 72 HW051 00801 /
    6 133 45 0.30 105 HW051 00601 /
    4 133 45 0.36 152 HW051 00401 /
    2 133 45 0.43 240 HW051 00201 /

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