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  • HW056 Industrial Power and Apparatus 600 Volt UL 200°C FEP Teflon ® Insulation Tinned Copper Conductor

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    This cable is made using tinned, soft annealed copper wire. It is intended for use in control and power circuits in environments that exhibit high temperatures. It is also needed for caustic environments where resistance to moisture as well as durability and flexibility are needed. The wire is insulated with a PEP Teflon material for enhanced protection from environmental factors and mechanical forces. It works in applications of up to 600 volts and operations of up to 200 degrees Celsius. The tinning process on the wire makes it easy to solder in time of installation or during servicing. The tin coating also provides protection against corrosion. Tin does not corrode easily and its use in this wire is an added advantage as it further helps improve the performance of the cable.

    Applications : The tinned copper conductor with PEP Teflon is idea for use in industrial power and apparatus. It can be used in connecting electricity to heater elements, thermocouples, appliances, gas ignitors, and electrical or electronic instruments. It may also be used in surgical and military equipments.

    • FEP Teflon
    • This insulation material offer protection against high temperatures. The insulation works well in solder application. It is non-flammable and has good outgassing characteristics. The insulation is flexible and has good weatherability meaning that when exposed to elements like UV light, wind, and moisture, it does not degrade easily.

    Features of the cable
    • Applications of up to 600 volts
    • Operations of up to 200 degrees Celsius
    • Conductor- tinned, soft annealed copper
    • Insulation- PEP Teflon

    Size AWG No. of Strands Insulation
    Overall Diameter Inch Net Weight
    Catalog Number
    16 7 20 0.09 12 HW056 01601 /
    14 7 20 0.10 19 HW056 01401 /
    12 19 20 0.12 25 HW056 01201 /
    10 37 20 0.15 36 HW056 01001 /
    8 49 30 0.22 70 HW056 00801 /
    6 49 30 0.26 103 HW056 00601 /
    4 133 30 0.32 158 HW056 00401 /
    2 133 30 0.39 251 HW056 00201 /

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