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  • VIDEO DETECTION CABLE - Precision Video Coax

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    Description: For use in video applications, VIDEO DETECTION CABLE – PRECISION VIDEO COAX offers superior results. The multi conductor cable has a cover that protects it from crushing, rodents and other hazards. The precision video coax provides sharp images. It comes in various sized reels including 1,000, 2,500 and 5,000 feet. Other lengths are available on request.

    Cond. Nom. DCR. Nominal Core
    O.D. inch/mm
    Nominal Shield
    Impedence Nominal Vel. of Prop
    Weight lbs./1M'
    9.9Ω/M’ 32.5Ω/ km
    .198/.503 .304/7.72 1.1Ω/M’ 3.6Ω/km 75 66% 21 68.65

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