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  • TUBE LOOP DETECTOR CABLE - IMSA Specification 51-5 Tube Loop Detector Cable - PVC

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    IMSA 51-5 Tube Loop Detector Cable - PVC is a single concentric (bunch-stranding) unshielded 19-stranded bare copper inductance loop conductor, encased in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation nylon jacket, available with either black (or orange) PVC loose tube outer sheathing.

    51-5 PVC cables are available in both 12 and 14 AVG and both PVC and PE configurations. The cable possesses a temperature range of 60 degrees Celsius and voltage rating of 600V.

    The applications of 51-5 PVC cables range from vehicle detection for traffic signal changes to aiding a primary traffic systems control unit in calculating traffic motion numbers. The 51-5 PVC cable’s heavier, yet comparably touch-sensitive construction makes it a high-performance and more weather-resistant choice as a detector cable in both high-density traffic control and count accuracy as well as reliable and durable in climates with harsh or unpredictable weather patterns.

    Product Highlights:

    • The 51-5 PVC tube configuration has a cable weight range of ~ 36-30 lbs/MFT between 12 and 14 AWG, making it more sturdy and materially dense than the 51-5 HDPE model
    • Further optimization and range of choice of either PVC or PE tubing in the 51-5 series allows for further traffic cable customization

    Technical Standards:

    51-5         Polyvinyl chloride insulated, nylon jacketed, loosely encased in a polyvinyl chloride or a polyethylene tube loop detector wire

    Outer Jacket
    Thickness Inch
    Outer Jacket
     Thickness mm
    Nominal O.D.
    Weight lbs/1M' Product Code
    14 .030 .762 .250 6.35 30 8450
    12 .030 .762 .250 6.35 36 8480

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