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    The IMSA 51-3 LOOP DETECTOR CABLE is an inductance loop detector wire composed of one solid and/or stranded uncoated copper conductor, encased by a cross-linked black polyethylene insulation jacket. The IMSA 51-3 cable has a variety of AWG configurations, from 2,4, 6, 8, and 10, to 12 and 14 AWG and is available in solid, 7 or 19 strands.

    IMSA 51-3 withstands temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius up to 90 degrees Celsius. The cable also has a voltage rating of 600V.  In addition to versatility and variety in its composition standards, the IMSA 51-3 bears simplicity as well as attention to durability in its design and practicality. It has applications in both outdoor and indoor systems.

    IMSA 53-1 has primary applications in vehicle presence detection to traffic signal controls in directing traffic light changes. It is ingrained by pavement saw cutting or implanted through underground duct installation at traffic intersections to facilitate ease-of-traffic signal induction. The simple construction, adaptability and extreme weather durability of the 51-3 makes it an excellent choice for many traffic systems control modules.

    Product Highlights:

    • 51-3 has seven AWG configurations from which the appropriate types desired are available
    • The simple construction and adaptability of 51-3 makes it an excellent choice for many traffic systems control modules
    • The strong thickness of 51-3 XPLE (polyethylene) insulation jacket insures lack of premature fraying in extreme temperatures and weather conditions
    • 51-3 is available in alternative strandings and tinned conductor constructions

    Technical Standards:

    51-3                    Cross linked polyethylene insulated loop detector wire

    Size AWG Outer Jkt. Thick. (Inch) Outer Jkt.
     Thick. (mm)
    Nominal O.D. (Inch) Nominal I.D. (mm) Catalog Number
    14 .030 .762 1.143 58 8465
    12 .030 .762 1.143 75 8464

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