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  • Drop Telecommunication Wire Bell System Type F Drop and RDUP RUS PE-7

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    Conductors: 181/2 AWG solid 30% conductivity extra high strength copper-covered steel

    Sheath: Black, flame-, weather- and abrasion-resistant PVC compound extruded over two conductors in a parallel configuration

    Polarity Identification: Polarity ridge on one leg of the web located at 45˚ above the major axis of the wire cross-section

    Application(s): Self-supporting one pair parallel conductor drop wire intended for aerial service connection to the subscriber

    • Telcordia (Bellcore) Specification GR-3163-CORE
    • Rural Development Utility Program (RDUP) Bulletin 1753 F-204 (RUS PE-7)
    • ANSI/ICEA S-89-648-1993
    • RoHS Compliant (effective 1/1/10)

    Packaging: Available in coils (CL) and Pull-Pac® cartons (PP)

    awg pairs o.d.
    length (ft)
    general cable 
    part number
    18½ 1 0.130 x 0.255 24 1000 cl 7021421
    18½ 1 0.130 x 0.255 24 1000 pp 7021496

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