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  • Draka Cable BendBright XS Single Mode Optical Fiber Cable Truly bend insensitive fiber, fully backwards compatible

    Draka BendBright-XS fiber combines two attractive features: excellent low macro-bending sensitivity and low water peak level. Together they allow unlimited use of the whole telecom wavelength window for a great variety of applications. This next generation behavior has been obtained by adding a trench with a lowered refractive index in the cladding area preventing the optical field to escape, avoiding compromises effecting the main transmission parameters.

    Apart from its use in office installations, as patch cords and/or interconnection cables, the use of the BendBright-XS in Fiber-to-the-Home (and even longer distance) networks offers significant added value to the network installers. Bend radii in fiber guidance ports can be reduced as well as minimum bend radii in wall and corner mountings. As the fiber is very forgiving for installation errors, reduced demands for the skills of the installation engineers may further reduce the costs. Its enhanced macro-bending behavior further guarantees that all transmissions bands up to 1625 nm (L-band) will be available for future use in this hungry bandwidth environment. BendBright-XS guarantees future proof end-to-end FTTH roll outs.

    Draka’s Advanced Plasma and Vapor Deposition (PCVD and APVD™) manufacturing process ensures the highest quality and purity of fibers. Proprietary ColorLock™ coating process further enhances the performance, durability and reliability of the fiber, even in the harshest environments.

    The fiber fully complies with or exceeds the ITU-T Recommendations G.657.A2, G.657.B2 (2009) and G.652.D (2009), the IEC International Standard 60793-2-50 type B.1.3 and B.6.A&B Optical Fiber Specification and is backwards compatible with all other G.652 fiber used in current optical networks.

    • Low macro-bending loss at very low radii (≤ 15 mm)
    • Compatibility with other G.652 single-mode fiber installations
    • Low bending at partial bends in the mm bend
    • Low micro-bending loss

    • Allows shorter radius storage of fiber over-length leading to more compact installations
    • Is more forgiving for installation errors in fiber management systems and or splice protection devices
    • The BendBright-XS can be spliced with similar settings of the fusion splice program as applied for other G.652 fibers
    • Low loss splicing of BendBright-XS to other G.652 fibers can be done with standard fusion splicers
    • Allows for tight in-building installations
    • Allows for small volume patch panel installations
    • Prevents fiber coating degradation in case high power systems are used in up-grading scenarios
    • Allows for highly demanding cable designs including ribbons

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