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  • Draka Cable BendBright XS 200μm Single Mode Optical Fiber Truly bend insensitive SMF, for Compact Cables and small connectivities foot print

    Draka BendBright-XS 200um allows cable designers to drastically reduce cable diameters for most OSP cable designs. This feature not only increases fiber density in ducts, it reduces size & weight of aerial cables and it allows designers to increase fiber density in OPGW.

    Draka BendBright-XS fiber combines attractive features: excellent low macro-bending sensitivity, low water peak level and G.657.A2 + G.652.D compliance. Together they allow unlimited use of the whole telecom wavelength window (1260nm to 1650nm) for a great variety of applications. BendBright-XS 200 μm offers in addition a reduced outside diameter for drastic reduction of cables and fiber management systems footprints and weight. It can dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership of a networks while limiting the environmental impact of its deployment. Reduction of civil works, possibility to reuse existing ducts, lower costs of pathways fees are immediate benefits.

    BendBright-XS 200 μm is similar in its optical and glass parts to the standard BendBright-XS. Size reduction has been obtained by reducing the coating diameter. Thanks to the quality of modern coatings no compromise had to be made to the overall quality of the fiber and to its performances. Notably Draka has carried exhaustive tests that proved its compatibility with the most popular installation tools and backward compatibility with legacy fibers.

    BendBright-XS 200 μm fully complies with or exceeds the ITU-T Recommendations G.657.A1, G.657.A2, G.657.B2 (2009) and G.652.D (2009). It satisfies all IEC testing requirements for dimensional, transmission, mechanical and environmental performances, except for a slightly reduced coating strip force. BendBright-XS 200 μm has been demonstrated to be fully appropriate for cable manufacturing and field installation.

    • Reduced coating diameter (200 μm)
    • Same glass diameter than conventional fiber (125 μm) and similar mode field diameter
    • Full compliance with G.652.D and truly bend- insensitive up to the highest wavelength

    • Reduction of cable diameter
    • Reduction of fiber management systems footprint
    • Reduction of the total cost of ownership and of the environmental impact of network deployments
    • Compatible with standard cleaving and stripping tools
    • Can be spliced with similar settings of the fusion splice program as applied for other G.652 fibers
    • Low loss splicing of BendBright-XS to other G.652 fibers
    • All bands utilization, from O- to L-Band
    • Future systems evolutions proof (10G-PON, WDM-PON and beyond)

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