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  • Draka Cable 500μm coated BendBright XS Bend Insensitive Fiber Cable with 500μm coating for improved protection

    • Draka Communications offers BendBright-XS Single-Mode Optical Fiber also in 500 μm coating diameter for improved protection in harsh environment conditions. Draka’s BendBright-XS Single-Mode Optical Fiber provides improved performance in both the 1310 nm to 1550 nm wavelength spectrum as well as leading-edge bend-insensitive behavior.
    • These fibers are optimized for demanding applications, like industry, aerospace, transport or military. The DrakaEliteTM 500μmcoated BendBright-XS fibers comply with ITU-T Recommendation G.657.A2, G.657.B2 and G.652.D as well as with the IEC 60793-2-50 type B.6_a2, B.6_b2 and B1.3 Optical Fiber Specification.
    • In addition, the fibers meet the optical and mechanical requirements of Telcordia Generic Requirements documents GR-20-CORE and GR-409-CORE.

    Coating and stripability: On top of improved protection, the coating offers an excellent, stable coating strip force over a wide range of environmental conditions and coating stripping leaves no residues on the bare glass fiber. In tight buffer applications, the entire coating construction (tight buffer and primary coating) can, in general, very easily be stripped off.

    Process: The DrakaEliteTM 500 μm-coated BendBright-XS fiber is manufactured using the Draka-proprietary Plasma-activated Chemical Vapor Deposition (PCVD and APVDTM) processes.

    • Produced by the PCVD and APVDTM process
    • Coated with the dual layer UV Acrylate
    • Excellent high temperature resistant Acrylate coating manufacturing process

    • Superior geometry, uniformity and purity of glass
    • Optimized performance in tight-buffer cable applications
    • High resistance to micro-bending
    • Stable performance over a wide range of environmental conditions
    • Improved and easier stripability of tight buffer coatings
    • Superior geometry, uniformity and homogeneity of coating

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